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Zen Mini-Treasures

Zen Mini-Treasures is a minigame where you buy decorations, random picked, for Buildings icon premium 39 each.

  • Start = 27 February 2013
  • End = 5 March 2013
Modals zenMiniTreasures@2x

You have the chance to purchase 3 items randomly but dependent on probability:

  • Meditating Rupert
  • Zen Garden
  • Bonsai Tree


Tooltip building supply "This is not a game. Rather, it is a promotion to encourage players to use crystals by playing on a purchaser's desire to gamble. In this case, a player must use crystals in order to have a chance of winning something. If you didn't get what you desire, you have the option to continue or stop. Please be aware of this possibility!"
Size Tax TDS Cost Requires Max Build XP Hurry Cost
Meditating Rupert
Decoration zenmeditatingrupert thumbnail@2x
3x3 Buildings icon coins 700/ 8h 233.3 Buildings icon premium 149 Level 5 ~ 5h 0 Buildings icon premium 5
Zen Sand Garden
Decoration zenrockgarden thumbnail@2x
4x4 Buildings icon coins 230 / 6h 57.5 Buildings icon premium 79 Level 5 ~ 5h 0 Buildings icon premium 5
Bonsai Tree
Decoration zenbonsai thumbnail@2x
4x4 Buildings icon coins 60 / 5h 18 Buildings icon premium 49 Level 5 ~ 5h 0 Buildings icon premium 5


No challenge


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