Tooltip building supply "Update 25 December 2012 : There is a third version of the Windmill as part of a Holiday Booster pack"
Tooltip building supply "Update 28 August 2012 : There is a second version of the Windmill as part of random prize in Mystery Crates which has a different Buildings icon coins return"


Common Decoration
Decoration windmill@2x
Cost Buildings icon premium 20
Size 3x3
Tax Buildings icon xp 25000 / 6h
Requires Level 32
Build Time 15s
House Slot 1
Max ~
Event Common Decoration
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 0
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 1
From Mystery Crate
Decoration windmill@2x
Cost Buildings icon premium 49 (Random Mystery Crate Cost)
Tax Buildings icon coins 300 /6h
Requires Level 4
Event Mystery Crates
From Holiday Booster
Decoration windmill@2x
Cost Buildings icon premium 20
Tax Buildings icon coins 40 / 5h
Requires Level 2
Event Holiday Booster


The windmill is a common decoration that can be bought from level 32 at a cost of Buildings icon premium20. There are no Buildings icon coins to collect. However, it does show the Tooltip collect coins icon every 6 hours when it's time to collect the 25K Buildings icon xp.

The windmill was a favourite decoration to speed through the levels before the introduction of the Salad Shop and Village Bistro. The Apple Store can also be used to level up quickly. These three Stores can be obtained at Levels 26, 32 and 38.


User Talk


  • Collecting tax from a windmill will break the chain.
  • On August 27, 2012 a windmill was introduced as part of the Mystery Crates promotion that has exactly the same design as the windmill that can be bought from the shop. However, this windmill only has a Buildings icon coins return. This may be because the windmill from the Mystery Crate can be obtained from level 4.
  • On August 30, 2012 the initial Windmill (Buildings icon premium 20, Buildings icon xp 25000), as described on this page was removed from sale, possibly because of the Mystery Crates promotion referred to above but it was reintroduced on 25 September 2012 after the promotion concluded.

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