This page is under heavy review and can be considered not finish (stub)

creating :

  • Wikia Guidelines = useful for admins or those who wants to edit or create new page. there will be explanation and justification why this and why that and guideline on image resizing and upload. (will make it less hassle than now)
  • Wikia Templates = have no idea how to make it... i think Chrazini is playing with it long time ago and he isn't around very much lately (info box and easier template on create Store, Deco , Dino detail pages)
  • Wikia Support = sometime the wikia it self has a problem like open in iPad, not easy to login, how to change avatar, Search Broken and so on. just trying to help a little. Use PC is still the best but many use smartphone for easier view

Guidelines Templates

Main page is the summary before going the sub detail. for examples Features is a summary of Theme and Stores is summary of detail store

Templates that needed in create a detail page of each :

  • Dinos
  • Stores
  • Decoration
  • Themes
  • Promotions with booster or not


Changes that happen in general structure of TV Wikia

  • Table in Stores is sortable
  • The table in Stores have been added a Code Colomn so that it can be sorted by "c" (Coins) or "p" (Premium)

Future Task List

Task list that involved general Wikia format, not creating articles or request to upload image


Image Uploader = those who can see inside game files

Designer = creating image specifically for this wikia purpose only (header , toolbar, background)

Adminship = old T-Rex

Categorizer = grouping and create category keyword

Decorator (Regina) = monitoring Decoration

Dino Farmer (Ozzie) = monitoring dino

Salesman (Theodore) = monitoring store

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