A simple guidelines for admins or user that want to start a new detail page

This will be guidelines for Templates


Standard Stores

Economy can be very long, with ROI and Comparison with other Store base on Time or Cost or Market Price

Ranking System ? base on all store list of Crystal Cost or Coins Cost or Both. Base on Limited or Standard Store ?

Limited Stores

Stores in a Theme or Events or Promotions

The Limited Stores sometime Return in a different Theme or Promotions or change group in whatever theme is on going for example Skywatcher Store or Chocolate Store. Also warning because

Elements Description
Big Picture of the Store

make a nice table with all three and show the useful info

Show the difference if there are multiple stores

Introduction Dates information, Event or Theme explanations along with the modal Ads

Big table with big image of Recipe

If there are multiple Store then create 2 other table with no image to avoid redundancy ?


Analysis of each recipe

Break even point

Ranking System

Comments ?
External Link


Dino can be in a Challenge or in a Theme or just plain introduction from TinyCo

Elements Description
Dino 4 Pictures
Dino Den Egg Picture with the Hurry Hatch and Price and Probability
Introduction Dates information, Event or Theme explanations along with the modal Ads
Traits Favourite Biome and the Possible Biomes
Evolution for Rare only
External Link Facebook Links or Design Competition







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