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Welcome to Playground Page

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This page is intended for new Wikia Member (or seniors) to use this page as anything they like. Main purpose usually for increase the Editing Value to earn badge. So if you want to earn badge on editing and afraid to broken those mature page that already settle in this wikia then this page can be your own playground

Remember that your own Profile Page can be use as your "Own Personal Page" for Editing. And if you have a big project for the Wikia Community then your also welcome to create a nice "Testing xxxx" (where xxxx is project page name) and later can be Move to a publish article. Still it will be much better if you increase the contribution by giving new information to the community.

Use the following Top Menu Bar Navigation or see Content to search the information that you want. Have fun and happy playing.

Everything below this line can be edit as you want but

  • keep everything above the line.
  • please keep it clean from hate comment or any negative comment. (racist, hate, cheating, hacking, negative and many more)
  • it is recommended to give just a simple comment of love and your tinyID if you wish for it. But don't expect tip, if you want to share TinyID then Tiny Village Facebook is better for that purpose.

This page can be regularly "CLEANED" by the administrator or even any user.

  • TinyID = Wiequadrat = too much love and less reality check coz of this (my gf starting to looks like regina).
  • TinyID = GeofFruck = Here is a good link to find help on editing
  • TinyID = fdyfggvdvf = I'm a Banana Gummy-bear :D and I like lucky cats.
  • TinyID = Gladh2 = testing 

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