Volcano Heart

Decoration heartofthevolcano@2x
Cost Buildings icon coins 15,000,000 Buildings icon stone 25000 Buildings icon lumber 25000 Buildings icon wovenfur 25000
Size 3x3
Tax Buildings icon coins 35000 / 24h
Requires Level 65 and completion of all previous steps
in the Volcano Heart Challenge
Build Time 24h
Max 1
XP Gain Buildings icon xp ~
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 24


The Volcano Heart decoration is part of the Volcano Heart Challenge, introduced on 21 September 2012 together with the new levels 61 to 70.

It was introduced during the Wedding Week Theme and is the fourth and final step of the third part (Volcano Heart) of the Phoenix Challenge.

Economic Analysis

  • The earning per day per square is : Buildings icon coins 3889
  • Ignoring the resource costs, and assuming perfect collection of taxes, it will take approximately 429 days to recoup your intial investment.


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