Version 1.16.1

Modals upgrade116 v2@2x

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Updated on November 14, 2012
  • Fix for crashes in 1.16

Size: 35 MB

Updated on December 14, 2012
  • Increased the maximum zoom level!
  • Bingo update: Normal bingo awards free ball every day
  • Bug fixes

Size: 35.1 MB

Updated on November 29, 2012
  • Bingo change: Normal bingo now awards the free ball every day, for a max of one
  • We listened to you and increased the maximum zoom level!
  • Bug fixes

Size: 34 MB

To contact Tiny Co support, go to TinyCo Support

Version 1.16

Modals upgrade116 iOS@2x

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Updated on November 12, 2012
  • Lots of bug fixes!
  • A way to collect all coins and resources, all in one go!
  • Helpful tips on the loading screen

Size: 35MB

Updated on November 12, 2012
  • Enhanced for iPhone 5
  • Earn exciting achievements with GameCenter!
  • Use your pet dino to collect coins from your village!
  • Fix for connection issues that some have experienced
  • Other stability fixes

Size: 32.2 MB

To contact Tiny Co support, go to TinyCo Support


  • New Topsy mini game that collects coins,crystals, and resources for you!
  • Helpful tips on the loading screen
  • Bug fixes and other changes:
    • All haulers should now be hauling again
    • Fixed an error with dino fusion
    • Fixed connection issues preventing some players from entering the game
    • Improve performance and minimized force closes by lowering the maximum zoom by 20%
  • Tipping now proceeds in order by level as it did prior to Version 1.15
  • New mini game where Topsy collects coins, crystals and resources every 10 hours (or immediately for a price of Buildings icon premium 10. You must have bought Topsy to play (current cost Buildings icon premium 149).
    • For how to play the minigame, see here.

Confirmed Fixes

  • Load issues

Unconfirmed Fixes

  • Hauler bug not yet fixed.
    • However, it seems secondary resources (Buildings icon stone, Buildings icon wovenfur and Buildings icon lumber) are producing at a very rapid rate at the expense of primary ones (Buildings icon rock, Buildings icon food, Buildings icon fur, Buildings icon wood)
    • See this post for a way to garner secondary resources quickly

UI changes

Other issues

  • Many players are uncomfortable with the zoom set permanently in as it makes their villages hard to negotiate and interrupts their chaining - fixed in 1.16.1
  • Many players (particularly Android OS) are complaining of force closures within a few seconds of loading the game - fixed in 1.16.1
  • Topsy seems glued to one spot - fixed in 1.16.1
  • Recharge times of the Topsy mini game are sometimes 25,000 days! - fixed in 1.16.1

Tricks and tips

  • It's been reported that the Topsy coin collection mini game can be restarted without having to wait 10 hours by uninstalling and reinstalling - see here.
  • Here's a great tip to pickup everything and hardly miss a coin - thanks to Cal62 :)

External links

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