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Transferring my Village

I will be consolidating this to week format soon. My phone recently broke and I am transferring my village to my new phone. I hope to share my experience so others can know what they are in or in terms of support. I am using an Android operating system.

Week One (July 18th-July 25th)

Week 2 (July 26th-August 2nd)

  • TinyCo Responded to my message by asking me for my Old and New TinyID. I told them again my IDs
  • She responded within the hour telling me my "transfer was all set" but I never got my village transfered
  • I made a new request to transfer my village
  • I factory reset my old phone. It still does not work very well, but I did get on Tiny Village. Apparently when you factory reset a phone, your village becomes unassociated with that phone. However I was still able to visit and Tip my Village from my other account. So my "Drew34000" account still exists.
  • I still cannot play
  • No response from TinyCo

Week 3 (August 3rd)

  • My village is finally transferred and working on my phone.
  • I Missed Bingo and was not repaid for the crystals i missed from my roses (42 crystals lost +unknown Bingo lost)
  • I am not happy that I was not compensated in any way for those crystals, missing bingo etc..

But, I guess it's finally over. Hopefully i still retain some enthusiasm for this game after this ordeal.

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