Tower Rock (Level 9)

Magicidols 9 thumbnail@2x
Announced with A Rock Towering above the rest!
Size 9x9
Upgrade Cost Buildings icon coins 2,500,000 Buildings icon food 17500 Buildings icon stone 17500 Buildings icon lumber 17500 Buildings icon wovenfur 17500
Requires Majestic Rock (Level 8)
Level 45
Build Time 72h
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 1,200,000
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 54

Tower Rock (Level 9) unlocks

For any Magic Rock upgrading to the next level, the previous Magic Rock is needed.

Tower Rock (Level 9) is therefore needed before being able to upgrade to Titan Rock (Level 10) on Level 50.

Name Type Additional
Decoration greatpyramid thumbnail@2x Great Pyramid Decoration Level 45

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