On this page, we invite players - especially senior ones - to set out tips on how best to play the game.  This may include how to avoid pitfalls, what you might do if things go awry but will not include any tricks or hacks.

How to avoid spending crystals unnecessarily

  • Ensure your dino den is not in your village unless it is hatching an egg.  This is the most common way of wasting crystals.
  • Move resource producers to the side of the village where they don't get in the way.  If you are a more senior player, consider reducing your resource producers and using the market.
  • Begin picking up coins for your chain immediately after the freeze and don't continue chaining once the freeze occurs.  Every tap is recorded! Remember, crystals are worth much more than the few coins lost on a broken chain.

What if you have spent crystals without meaning to and want a refund?

  • Write in to support and explain what happened.  They are not ogres and there are many reported instances of refunds in exceptional circumstances.  It can take time so be patient.  Abusing them will guarantee failure.
  • Do not bother complaining on the fan page.  Without a support ticket, you aren't in the system and won't get on their radar.
  • See also our Support page.

TinyCo Support isn't responding

  • Do NOT start a new support ticket.
  • Add to your existing ticket (either via responding to the automated email you got or by going onto the support site) and politely asking if they have gotten round to you yet.
  • Moaning on the fan page might help you let off a bit of steam but it won't help you get your issue resolved.  Probably best not to do it (or, if you must, moan without mentioning your TinyID).

Support has closed my ticket without even looking at it!!!

  • Re-open it by responding to the automated email or by logging into support, finding your ticket and adding a new comment.
  • It's likely that the software did this automatically, so be nice to the humans who will eventually read your ticket!

What if you spent millions expanding when you didn't mean to

  • Forget about it.  Don't bother lodging a support ticket.  By the time they get round to it, your expansion will undoubtedly have completed and they don't give refunds or take expansions back.
  • This is one you'll need to live with; sorry.

What if your game doesn't load? Or crashes? Or just misbehaves?

  • Please see this thread.
  • It has also been reported that running the game off an SD Card can be slow.  Run the game from your device's main memory.
  • If all else fails, lodge a support ticket.
  • Apple users:  Please understand that from 1 May 2013, uninstalling and reinstalling will lose your game and will require TinyCo support to transfer it back onto your device. See here for more information.

How to minimise lags, freezes and hangups

Tiny Village needs to use a lot of your device's resources and memory, especially if your village is large and has many - particularly animated - objects. Modern devices, with fast processors, large memories and much free memory should not experience these issues.


  • Smartphones can perform multiple tasks at the same time, so you may need to free some memory and shutdown other applications
    • In Android (Rooted): Install Android Task Killer to shutdown all unnecessary applications
    • In Android (Not Rooted): Go to Menu --> Settings --> Applications --> Running Services or long press the Home button --> Task Manager
    • In iOS : Double tap the Home button.  Tap and hold the app you wish to close. When it starts to wiggle, tap the "-" sign to close it
  • Free some space by uninstalling apps you do not use
  • Do not install the game on an SD Card; instead install in the built in memory to reduce crashes and odd behaviour
  • A good, high-speed internet connection is preferable.  For best results, play near your Wifi router source or at least close enough to get a good Wifi signal
  • Popups and sound notifications from various messenger apps can make the game run a bit slower
  • Alarms and notifications from your device can also make the game slower to the point that it sometimes force closes

In game

  • When your village loads, the display will be around the Magic Rock. You should ensure that there are little or no animated decorations, dinos, stores (smoke animation) or resource mills (worker animation) near the magic rock, so that when the game starts, it is not prone to crash.
  • Try to locate dino habitats in separate positions around your village. This will ensure that when you move to the various habitats, the game doesn't try to load all the animations at once, which makes it prone to crash.  This can happen more frequently if you zoom out your village.
  • Zoom in to view objects in smaller areas so that the game doesn't load too much heavy animation.
  • Too many stores, even if there is only one type of store, can sometimes overwhelm the game due to the smoke coming from the stores when they are making recipes. Try to position your stores at various spots around your village.

Why can't I expand further?

EDIT: 6 new expansions added on 16 July 2013. Maximum village size is now 79 x 79. See Expansions.

Tiny Social is bust. I can't visit my friends or send them gifts

Where can I find out information on bugs?

  • Please see our Bugs page.
  • Feel free to let us know of new bugs that may exist.

Where can I get free crystals?

  • You can earn them from doing the regular weekly quests - usually 5 crystals are on offer
  • Completing the Wonder Challenge will earn you 150 crystals in total (50 for each of the last 3 challenges)
  • Using Tapjoy (Android only) or other promotional sites
  • See also:
Get Free Crystals
Lady Sarah's blog on AppTrailers

I want to start my game over. How can I do this?

  • This is difficult as the game is tied to the UDID (universal identifier) of your device.
  • It has been reported that a factory reset of your device may reset the game (and even this may not work). Be sure to back up your device first. The restore process may be lengthy and you may not consider it worthwhile to do.
  • From May 1 2013, reinstalling the game will reset progress. Before reinstalling write your UDID and TinyID somewhere in case you will need to restore game.

I want to play Tiny Village on my PC

  • Install an Android emulator. Bluestacks is free.
  • Note: TinyCo does not provide support for installations on PC under Bluestacks.

How do I transfer my game to another device?

You can transfer the game yourself if you have both devices.

  • Tap the Hammer
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Transfer Game.


If this doesn't work, or you don't have both devices, contact support.

  • Note: Transferring your game to another device can cause problems in Tiny Social. See here.

Where do I find my UDID?

From the game:

  • Tap on the hammer
  • Tap Settings

At the bottom it states version and device. The really long device number is your UDID.

If you can't get into Tiny Village, you can find your UDID externally:

  • In iOS - Connect your device to iTunes, select the device, select the summary tab, click on the device's serial number and the UDID will be displayed (see dead easy tutorial here)
  • In Android - Navigate to Settings --> About Phone --> Phone Identity --> IMEI

How do I take a screenshot of my village?

  • On iOS devices, press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously to get a snapshot of the screen.
  • On Android, usually hold down the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously (your device might be different)
  • It can be done on older Kindle Fires but it is very complicated - see here
  • For larger villages, you will need to take a few snapshots and merge them together with a photo editing program.

How to request a new feature

  • This is not something TinyCo support can help you with so don't lodge a support ticket.  This only gums up the works.
  • Mentioning it on the fan page may get a bit of traction but don't overdo it.  There are people who ask for the same things over and over (sometimes every few days) and the TinyCo folks who read it must feel like they are being nagged.
  • You can vote on our Feature Requests page.  We have seen many features on that page get implemented.  Obviously, the most popular ones are the ones that TinyCo will consider the most (assuming they actually read the page).

How to maximise coins/XP

  • Don't be limited in what your stores can do by resource production. Similarly, don't be limited in the number of stores you can have by resource producers (and housing for villagers) taking up all your village. Ditch resource producers as soon as you can and and use the market.
  • If you have the time and inclination (and within reason), go for the shorter recipes. They produce more profit and XP per day than the medium and long recipes.
  • At lower levels, the Coffee Shop generates heaps of profit and costs only social currency.  You may buy an unlimited number of coffee shops.
  • Build high return decorations: Venus Fly Traps, Playgrounds and the various street lamps and firefly lamps.
  • Read these 2 very good threads (including the comments):
Power leveling guide for new players
Importance of maximising XP

How to get ahead of the challenges

  • The new weekly themes usually come out on Thursday evenings US time. We usually have a page devoted to the theme up within hours.
  • In the meantime, many helpful villagers let folks know what's going on in the challenges.
  • Check the theme page, especially the challenges to ensure you understand what will be required of you and what limitations (e.g. time limits) there will be on you in order to obtain the crystal reward.
  • If you don't know the name of the theme, browse the recent posts list on the wiki and it will be obvious where to look.

I need to know about the various (non-weekly) challenges and quests

  • Check out the Gameplay page, which lists every challenge in detail.

I can't find something on the wiki. It's too complicated

  • Use the search box at the top right of each page and just type in a few letters. It will usually come up with what you need.
  • If all else fails, we have a complete contents page here.

What else can I read?