Timid Tundra

Vacancy for the timid!

Icon trait shop tundra v3@2x

Habitat coin timidtundra@2x

Size 7x7
Cost Buildings icon coins 1600
Requires Big Rock (Level 2) and Level 4
Build Time 4h
Room for 2
Max ~
Coins Capacity Buildings icon coins 300
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 500
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 4


Modals timidTundra@2x

This habitat is introduced after the Woolly Rhino and Therapeutic Taiga introduced while Amusement Park Theme is on going. This is the 3rd Habitat that cost Coins.

Phases :

  • Start : June 9, 2012


Biome [1] [2] Official Name Boost Habitat (Capacity)
Tundra Icon trait shop tundra@2x Icon trait shop tundra v3@2x Tundra (Purple) 10% Tranquil Tundra (750)

Timid Tundra (300)

Snow Desert Icon trait shop tundra tier1@2x Icon trait shop tundra tier1 v3@2x Tundra Tier 1 20%
Taiga Icon trait shop tundra tier2@2x Icon trait shop tundra tier2 v3@2x Tundra Tier 2 30% Therapeutic Taiga (2500)

Groovy Glacier (3500)

Glacier Icon trait shop tundra tier3@2x Icon trait shop tundra tier3 v3@2x Tundra Tier 3 40%
[1] : The hidden picture traits flag the same as Dino traits circle icon.

[2] : The official picture traits flag in-game when selecting the habitat.


The following dinos have the favourite trait of Tundra (Purple) Biome group:

Tier Dinos (Active)
Ribbon tier0@2x

Ghost Mammoth

Ribbon tier1@2x

Lucky Mammoth
Prehistoric Penguin

Ribbon tier2@2x

Woolly Rhino
Reindeer Raptor

Ribbon tier3@2x

Giant Sloth
Sabretooth Tiger
Ghost Sloth
Abominable Snowman
Snow Phoenix
White Sabretooth Tiger
Black Sabretooth Tiger
Snow Leopard


  • On 24 June 2012, the Biome of this habitat was updated to Tundra.