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This page is a testing page. You are welcome to comment and edit. The page is foreseen to become a template for Dino Fusion proof pages.


Dino Fusion is a new feature in Tiny Village from Version 1.12 and onwards. Users report their failures but mostly their successes. In the Wiki spirit anything reported will be considered. To support claims, it would nevertheless be helpful to have evidence. This page tests whether this concept would be feasible and acceptable.

While making this page, I consider the example of the Proof of fusion of Andrewsarchus and Dimetrodon to get Raptor relatively reliable. The printscreens show that the same village is used (level, challenges, balance of Buildings icon premium, position of the Decorations and habitats). In thumb presentation mode, data for the submitted pictures can be examined. These pictures have all been uploaded by the same user. The timeline of the photos casts some doubt (start at 22:52, fusing at 18:17, egg at 04:59), this may be (in this case is) due to the fact that the printscreens do not show the failure and only the first start has been taken. This also displays that even with printscreen proof, not everything will be watertight.

The pictures proof:

  • Possibility to fuse (start)
  • Parameters for fusion (start):
    • Dinos involved
    • Success rate expected
  • That user has fused the Dinos involved (fusion)
  • That user has obtained a result using fusion (egg)

Proof of fusion of Andrewsarchus and Dimetrodon to get Raptor

Step Printscreen proof


Dino Fusion proof Andrewsarchus Dimetrodon = Raptor (start)


Dino Fustion proof Andrewsarchus Dimoetrodon = Raptor (fusing)


Dino Fusion proof Andrewsarchus Dimetrodon = Raptor (egg)

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