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  • The Great Testing Page for Main Page or many things related with Wikia Improvement
This Page are currently under WieQuadrat watchful Archaeoptryx-eyes. You can also create a your own test page using Your own User Profiles. To create a new Test Page, please show contribution and result , otherwise many T-Rex will stomp the page to oblivion and more.

Wikia Formating and Code is Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Sound of TV game... addictive
Tiny village music
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Market Reputation Habitats Version (Bugs)
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Villagers' Activity Forum
  • Dec 2011 - This wikia is created!
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You Tube Testing

removed for now

Tips and Tricks

"When a Challenge asks you to build something that you already have, you don't have to build it again. Just place it in Inventory and then take it out again into your Village."


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