TinCo Support

Click on this link to go to the TinyCo support website where there is more information and FAQs on the game.

To lodge a "support ticket", please visit this page.

This FAQ sets out the most common issues with the game, including official commentary on some of the active bugs.

In App Purchases (IAP) is the means that TinyCo makes money from its free play games.

There is usually some sort of promotion running via advertisements and there are various buttons that you can tap on the screen to make a purchase. These include offers for you to buy:

  • game coins (even though they can be collected and accumulated relatively easily)

Unfortunately, sometimes there are problems when you make a purchase of coins, crystals or other promotions using real money, a credit card or a wallet service.

This page will give steps on how to get support from the TinyCo or related parties.

This Wikia and its members cannot in any way help you with monetary refunds, item purchases, crystal refunds and so on. We just try to list steps to be taken and to list the various problems associated with IAP in Tiny Village.

Introduction to TinyCo procedures

  • TinyCo itself is not involved with the financial side of IAP. They just provide the items purchased to the purchaser.
    • For charging and money related problems, it's best to contact Google or Apple.
    • Apple tends to be more responsive and provides better support.
  • If the game is not working as it should or you haven't received everything you have purchased, you should lodge a support ticket.
  • It can take several weeks to for TinyCo's customer service department to deal with an issue. Issues are not dealt with on a first come, first served basis; rather important issues are given higher priority.
  • You must provide your UDID (iOS) or your IMEI (Android) in addition to your TinyID when lodging a support ticket.
  • Check your Inbox for two emails:
  1. Automated email confirming your submission.  This one is your receipt.
  2. A follow-up automated email suggesting various fixes.  This is one is very important.  Update your support case and confirm that none of the suggestions worked.  If you do not update your case within 10 days, your ticket will be closed and you will have to re-open the case or repeat the support ticket submission process.

Steps to Lodge a Support Ticket

  1. Go to Profile to get UDID
  2. Press email to email the Customer Service Department of TinyCo.
  3. Alternatively, use the above link to lodge a support ticket. Creating a login will allow you to track the progress of your support request(s).

Examples of various problems

No Title Description Device/ Version Solution
1 Not receivng crystals after downloading a TapJoy promotion Android Tap on the "Missing Crystals" link on your TapJoy app and follow those instructions.
2 After Installing TinyZoo cannot login IPhone
3 Overcharge purchasing Sometime when making an IAP, you can get invalid purchase but you find out that your credit card was actually debited Contact Google or Apple
4 Buying Promotion to get crystals but not receiving them From third party that gives promotions for getting a free crystal but after buy it, not getting anything Check with the Third Party
5 Using IAP for completing a challenge but not receiving the reward Even when the challenge still active but not getting anything. Contact TinyCo