Storybook Habitat

Time for a Story!

Habitat premium popupstorybook@2x

Size 8x8
Cost Buildings icon premium 199
Requires Level >3
Big Rock (Level 2)
Dino Den
Build Time 8h
Room for 3
Description Time for a story!
Room for 3!
Max ~
Coins Capacity Buildings icon coins 2500
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 1000
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 8


Modals storybookHabitat@2x
Introduced in Storybook Theme together with Nemicolopterus.

1st introduction 

  • Start: 17 August 2012
  • End: 21 August 2012

2nd introduction

  • Start: 14 June 2013
  • End: 18 June 2013

This habitat has also been a prize in Bingo.


This habitat has no biome data. As a result, no dinos prefer this habitat.


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