Ui hud main 0046 tipGiftButton@2x Social Gifts are another way of interacting with your friends' villages. It is part of Tiny Social.This feature requires at least Version 1.13 (in that version, you were required to have a Facebook account but this was removed in Version 1.14).

How to Gift

From Tips and Gifts icon

  • Click the Tips and Gifts icon (if it is visible) beside the Shop icon (Mallet)
  • A window will open, the top part being the players who have sent you gifts
  • Press Accept and Gift Back
  • The game will automatically open your friends list window and can select friends from Facebook also (1 already selected for the person who gift you so you can only add 9 more friends)
  • Press Send Gifts to gift and accept the Friend Token

From Tiny Social

  • Go to Tiny Social
  • Open Friends List
  • Press Gifts
  • It will automatically open a friends list window. You may also select friends from Facebook
  • Press Send Gifts to open list of gifts.


With this feature, players can gift resources to other players as follows:

Gifts Requires
1 Food
10 Food Level>5 and Level<11
15 Food Level>10 and Level<16
20 Food Level>15 and Level<21
40 Food Level>20 and Level<26
50 Food Level>25 and Level<31
90 Food Level>30 and Level<36
120 Food Level>35 and Level<41
160 Food Level>40 and Level<46
210 Food Level>45

Gifts Requires
1 Stone
20 Stone Level>15 and Level<21
40 Stone Level>20 and Level<26
50 Stone Level>25 and Level<31
80 Stone Level>30 and Level<36
120 Stone Level>35 and Level<41
150 Stone Level>40 and Level<46
200 Stone Level>45

Gifts Requires
1 Fur
10 Fur Level>10 and Level<16
20 Fur Level>15 and Level<21
40 Fur Level>20 and Level<26
40 Fur Level>25 and Level<31
70 Fur Level>30 and Level<36
110 Fur Level>35 and Level<41
160 Fur Level>40 and Level<46
190 Fur Level>45

Gifts Requires
1 Woven Fur Level>10 and Level<16
2 Woven Fur Level>15 and Level<21
3 Woven Fur Level>20 and Level<26
44 Woven Fur Level>25 and Level<31
69 Woven Fur Level>30 and Level<36
113 Woven Fur Level>35 and Level<41
145 Woven Fur Level>40 and Level<46
169 Woven Fur Level>45

Gifts Requires
5 Wood Level>2 and Level<6
10 Wood Level>5 and Level<11
15 Wood Level>10 and Level<16
20 Wood Level>15 and Level<21
30 Wood Level>20 and Level<26
50 Wood Level>25 and Level<31
80 Wood Level>30 and Level<36
120 Wood Level>35 and Level<41
160 Wood Level>40 and Level<46
200 Wood Level>45

Gifts Requires
1 Lumber Level>5 and Level<11
3 Lumber Level>10 and Level<16
10 Lumber Level>15 and Level<21
30 Lumber Level>20 and Level<26
40 Lumber Level>25 and Level<31
80 Lumber Level>30 and Level<36
120 Lumber Level>35 and Level<41
140 Lumber Level>40 and Level<46
170 Lumber Level>45

Gifts Requires
1 Rock
10 Rock Level>5 and Level<11
15 Rock Level>10 and Level<16
20 Rock Level>15 and Level<21
40 Rock Level>20 and Level<26
50 Rock Level>25 and Level<31
80 Rock Level>30 and Level<36
120 Rock Level>35 and Level<41
160 Rock Level>40 and Level<46
210 Rock Level>45

Gifts Requires
2 Coin
5 Coin
15 Coin
20 Coin
25 Coin
30 Coin
35 Coin
40 Coin
45 Coin
50 Coin

  • If the "Requires" amount is empty, all players of such levels can gift the resource until they reach a level where maximums are imposed.


  • Maximum gifts received per day = 40
  • Each friend can only be gifted one type of gift every 24 hours
  • Can only send a maximum of 1 gift per resource per day per friend
  • Cannot send more than 10 gifts overall every day.
  • If you try to exceed the maximum sending amounts, the "village doctor" will let you know that you have a philia related to that resource!


  • Due to the imposition of the maximum number of gifts that can be received per day (40), remaining gifts are backlogged.
  • TinyCo sends a message as a popup (which takes foreground focus) to the user warning him or her of this fact. This used to occur every minute and broke the chain if the villager was picking up coins - now fixed.
  • Even though this is now fixed, we recommend players not to use the gifting system. If you want to generate Social Currency, you can use the SMS method to get as much social currency as you want. Refer to this post.

Trivia and Other Information

  • Friends tokens are also called Social Currency. See also Post OfficeHotel Prehistoria and Friendship Carving
  • Sending a gift will reward the sender with 1 friend token
  • It costs nothing to send a gift. You do not need to have the resource in Inventory, nor is the amount gifted subtracted from your inventory
  • You cannot reject a gift. However, you need not return it. When a gift is received, tap Accept and Send Gift Back. You will see a a spinning blue circling arrow. Tap the Back button to return to the gifts list and close the Gift and Tips icon
  • You DO NOT receive any social Reputation points for sending or receiving a gift.
  • Seems like you can gift yourself - see this post

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