Decoration snowcastlewonder@2x


First Introduction

"Hot" on the heels of the Modern Transport Theme comes the month-long Snow Castle Challenge.

You must be Level 25 or higher to begin this challenge.

  • Start - December 7, 2012
  • End - January 8, 2013
Modals winterOfEchantment@2x

Second Introduction

You must be Level 25 or higher to begin this challenge.

  • Start - December 12, 2013
  • End - December 31, 2013
Modal winterofechantment2013@2x


Size Tax Buildings icon coins/day/sq Cost Requires Max Build XP Gain Hurry Cost
Ice Snowflake
Decoration snowwondersnowflake thumbnail@2x
2x2 Buildings icon coins 625 / 5h 750.0 Buildings icon coins 180,000 Level 25 and completion of Step 1 below ~ 18h 0 Buildings icon premium 18
Decoration observatory thumbnail@2x
4x4 Buildings icon coins 90 / 4h 33.8

Buildings icon coins 2999

Buildings icon wood250 Buildings icon rock 250

Level 4 5 8h 0 Buildings icon premium 2
Snow Castle
Decoration snowcastlewonder thumbnail@2x
5x5 Buildings icon coins 5120 / 9h 546.1 Buildings icon coins 835,000 Buildings icon stone 10000 Buildings icon lumber 6500 Level 25 and completion of Step 6 below 1 36h 28000 Buildings icon premium 36
Snow Phoenix
Decoration snowphoenix thumbnail@2x
3x3 Buildings icon coins 3500 / 7h 1333.3 Buildings icon coins 750,000 Buildings icon stone 8000 Level 25 and completion of Step 5 below 1 27h 14000 Buildings icon premium 27


During this week's theme, the following store was introduced:

Snow Factory
Shops snowwondershop thumbnail@2x
Level 25
Cost Buildings icon coins 350,000 Buildings icon stone 3000 Buildings icon lumber 2250
Size 4x4
Build Time 20h
House 0 slot(s)
Max 1
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 10000
Hurry Buildings icon premium 20
Notes Coins and XP from resources
(Buildings icon wovenfur, Buildings icon lumber, Buildings icon stone)
Event Snow Castle Challenge
Recipe Name Time Use Get XP
Snow Flag 6h Buildings icon wovenfur 550 Buildings icon coins 360 Buildings icon xp 1800
Snow Gate 12h Buildings icon lumber 1050 Buildings icon coins 800 Buildings icon xp 3750
Snow Blocks 24h Buildings icon stone 2000 Buildings icon coins 1,450 Buildings icon xp 7440


The challenge requirement for Level 25 and above.

Task Reward Notes
Step 1
Goals snowCastle 1@2x

Fuse 2 Dinos

Collect Buildings icon food 350

Collect Buildings icon wood 450

Buildings icon coins 6000
Buildings icon xp 3500

Minimum time to fuse is 2 hours
(using tier 0 dinos)

Unlocks the Ice Snowflake

Step 2
Goals snowCastle 2@2x
Build the Ice Snowflake Buildings icon coins 6000
Buildings icon xp 3500

Takes 18h to build and costs Buildings icon coins 180000

Unlocks the Snow Factory

Step 3
Goals snowCastle 3@2x
Build the Snow Factory

Buildings icon coins 6000
Buildings icon xp 3500
Buildings icon xp 10000 (Snow Factory)

Takes 20h to build and costs Buildings icon coins350000 + Buildings icon stone 3000 + Buildings icon lumber 2250
Step 4
Goals snowCastle 4@2x
Complete 2 Snow Flag Recipes

Complete 1 Snow Gate Recipe

Buildings icon coins 6000
Buildings icon xp 3500

Snow Flag recipe takes 6h.  

Snow Gate recipe takes 12h.

Both recipes are lossmakers.

Step 5
Goals snowCastle 5@2x

Feed your Dinos 3 times

Build the Observatory

Make 1 Snow Blocks recipe

Buildings icon coins 6000
Buildings icon xp 3500

Feeding time will depend on the age of your Dinos

The required observatory is the one from the Meteor Theme, not the Golden Observatory. If you have an Observatory already, place it into Inventory and bring it back out into your village.

Recipe will take 24h to complete and is a lossmaker

Unlocks the Snow Phoenix

Step 6
Goals snowCastle 6@2x
Build the Snow Phoenix

Buildings icon coins 6000
Buildings icon xp 3500
Buildings icon xp 14000 (Snow Phoenix)

Costs Buildings icon coins 750000 + Buildings icon stone 8000 and takes 27h to build

Unlocks the Snow Castle

Step 7
Goals snowCastle 7@2x
Build the Snow Castle

Buildings icon coins 10000
Buildings icon xp 3500
Buildings icon xp 28000 (Snow Castle)

Costs Buildings icon coins 835000 + Buildings icon stone 10000 + Buildings icon lumber 6500 and takes 36h to build
Total Buildings icon coins 46000
Buildings icon xp 76500

Total Costs > Buildings icon coins 2,115,000 + Buildings icon stone 21000 + Buildings icon lumber 8750
Total Time > 145 h


  • The Snow Castle Challenge, and all associated stores and decorations, were withdrawn from the shop (we believe accidentally) on 1 January 2013, 7 days before the stated expiry date of the challenge. It was revived within 2 days.
  • For the second introduction of Snow Castle Challenge new decorations must be built, you can not use the ones built during the first introduction.

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