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At the left side of the screen Challenges appear. Up to mid May 2012 a maximum of three Challenges could be displayed simultanously.

Early May the scrollable goal list was introduced to allow more than three Challenges to be displayed. This page explains (briefly) how the scrollable goal list works.

How does the scrollable goal list work?

Scrollable goal list (1)
Scrollable goal list (2)
Whenever either 1, 2 or 3 goals (=Challenges) are displayed there is no need to use the scrollable goal list (It does however exist). Whenever a fourth or more Challenge is introduced the top three a normally displayed and at the bottom of the scrollable goal list a vague top part of the further Challenges is shown (see picture on the left).

By wiping the Challenges up the Challenges at the bottom of the scrollable goal list are displayed (see picture on the right).

Vice versa when you want to return to the goals at the top wipe downwards and these Challenges will appear (again).


  • The scrollable goal list was introduced early May as part of Version 1.11 but up to 15 May 2012 the list did not function properly (see Bugs).
  • From Version 1.14 this bug was corrected. A maximum of 10 challenges can be included in the slider.

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