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Scooter Store

Shops scooterstore@2x

Cost Buildings icon coins 825,000
Size 4x4
Build Time 48h
House Slot +1
Requires Level 46
Max 15 (from 24 Jan 2013)
Notes 10% More from Stone (Buildings icon stone)
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 375,000
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 48


This is a standard store that can be bought from Level 46. It is part of the Triassic Transportation Group, which also includes the Bike Shop, the Motorcycle Shop and the Prehistoric Car Lot.

Modals triassicTransportation 2@2x


Time Resource Rewards XP Hurry Finish
Buildings recipe scooter@2x
45m Buildings icon stone 925 Buildings icon coins 6,655 Buildings icon xp 45,552 Buildings icon premium 1
Dino Scooter
Buildings recipe dinoscooter@2x
4h 10m Buildings icon stone 1,645 Buildings icon coins 12,045 Buildings icon xp 75,161 Buildings icon premium 2
Buildings recipe moped@2x
12h Buildings icon stone 2,175 Buildings icon coins 19,250 Buildings icon xp 125,267 Buildings icon premium 6

Economic Analysis


The break-even point analysis is based upon Market Forecast data from October 1, 2012 to August 24, 2013. This period consists of 328 days. This number of days is used below to calculate the percentage days profit/loss.

Please be aware that a profit is made on days where market prices are lower than breakeven and vice-versa.

Breakeven Point and Estimated Profit/(Loss) Analysis

Buildings recipe scooter@2x
Dino Scooter
Buildings recipe dinoscooter@2x
Buildings recipe moped@2x
Breakeven Point Buildings icon coins 719 per 100 Buildings icon stone Buildings icon coins 732 per 100 Buildings icon stone Buildings icon coins 885 per 100 Buildings icon stone
Reward Buildings icon coins 6655 Buildings icon coins 12045 Buildings icon coins 19250
Estimated Cost Buildings icon coins 2893 Buildings icon coins 5144 Buildings icon coins 6802
Buildings icon coins 3762 Buildings icon coins 6901 Buildings icon coins 12448
Days with



Buildings icon coins /h Buildings icon coins 8873 Buildings icon coins 2891 Buildings icon coins 1604
Buildings icon xp /h Buildings icon xp 60736 Buildings icon xp 18039 Buildings icon xp 10439
Profit/(Loss) /h Buildings icon coins 5016 Buildings icon coins 1656 Buildings icon coins 1037
Market Analysis Average cost of resources from
October 1, 2012 to August 24, 2013

Buildings icon coins 313 / 100 Buildings icon stone


  • 17 August 2012 : the House Slot was 0 now +1
  • 23-25 November: 40% price reduction as part of Black Friday Sale
  • 23 January 2013: Maximum changed from no limit to 10
  • 24 January 2013: Maximum changed to 15

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