Tiny Social

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A way of traveling to other villages and viewing the greatness of their work.

  • Each tip to another village will give 100 XP reputation to your reputation points and gives Buildings icon coins 20 to the village you are visiting
  • Daily tipping limit = 100 tips (10000 XP reputation)
  • Receive tipping limit = Buildings icon coins 50 (however, throughout the day, you can empty the received 'Tip Jar' and new tips will be added the next time you load the game)
  • Facebook invite reward = 4 Buildings icon social (see Post Office)
  • Invite reward = 1 Buildings icon social (see Post Office)
  • Share success level up = 2 Buildings icon social (see Level)

How To View Tiny Social

Steps to view Tiny Social

1. Start by tapping on the Mallett in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen to open the menu.:

Prior to version 1.16, you would access Tiny Social from the Up Arrow in the bottom right-hand corner.

Ui hud main 0006 menuButton Ui hud main 0001 menuButtonClose

For versions prior to version 1.16:

2. A selection menu will appear and includes (starting from the Top):

  • Dino Album button (Collection icon - picture of red bag)
  • Tiny Social button (Tiny Social icon - picture of TS in a chat balloon)
  • Inventory button (Inventory icon - picture of basket)
  • Move Mode button (Move icon - picture of multi-direction arrow)
  • Down Arrow to close the menu
Ui hud main 0004 collectionButton
Ui hud main 0005 socialButton
Ui hud main 0003 inventoryButton
Ui hud main 0002 decorateButton
Ui hud main 0000 menuButtonOpen

3. Tap on the Tiny Social button to open the Tiny Social screen which has 5 Tabs:

  • Invite,
  • Friends,
  • Community,
  • Profile,
  • Newsfeed
Ui hud main 0005 socialButton

How to Create Your Profile

If you want to start tipping, adding friends and inviting friends using the post office, you should start by creating your own profile. To do this, go to the Tiny Social screen and:

  • In the Profile tab, click the create profile and select a name for your village and also choose an Avatar to represent your village.
  • Warning: the avatar photo can be changed at anytime but your Tiny ID is locked and cannot be changed.

How To Invite Friends

  • In the Friends tab, type your friend's name inside the text box and press Add.
  • If the friend's name exists, there will be a confirmation message box and the the friend will be added to your friend's list.

How to Accept Friend Invitations

  • In the Friend tab, click the Request sub-tab.
  • It will show all (potential) friends that have requested to be in your friends list. Click Visit to view the village or Accept to accept the invitation.

How to Give Tips

Ui hud visit 0002 tipNoteUi hud visit 0003 tipButton

There are four ways to Tip, and they all involve visiting the other village and pressing the Tip Jar button on the bottom left screen.

  • In Friend Tab, click the Visit button next to the village name you would like to visit.
  • In Request sub tab, you can also click Visit.
  • In Community, you can randomly visit 5 Villagers.
  • In Newsfeed, you can visit the villagers that already give Tip to you.
Ui hud visit 0001 tipLeft After Clicking the Tip Jar, the button will be disabled.

Ui hud visit 0014 homeButton

Ui hud visit 0013 nextButton

You can continue to Next Village or Back to the Tiny Social Screen.

How to Receive Tips

Ui hud main 0007 tipEarnedBtn

  • When opening the game after loading, there will be Tip Earned icon on the bottom right screen of the village.
  • Click the jar to accept the Tip (max Buildings icon coins 50)
  • After removing the tips, you can accept more tips by loading the game again.

Reputation Table

On achieving a new reputation level, you will be rewarded with Buildings icon coins 100 and Buildings icon xp 100. These are the only in-game rewards.

Remember that you gain XP Reputation points by giving tips and each tip is worth Buildings icon xp 100, so for example, you will need to make 875 tips in order to reach reputation level 10 (can be done in under 9 days) and 42,250 tips to make it to level 30 (you'll have been playing for a year and 2 months to get here).

For those dreaming of tipping immortality, you will need to make 234,625 tips to reach level 50! This will take you almost 6 and a half years at the current tipping limit of 100 tips per day.


To Next
1 0 250
2 250 730
3 980 1020
4 2000 4500
5 6500 9500
6 16000 11500
7 27500 14750
8 42250 19500
9 61750 25750
10 87500 33500
11 121000 42750
12 163750 53500
13 217250 65750
14 283000 79500
15 362500 94750
16 457250 111500
17 568750 129750
18 698500 149500
19 848000 170750
20 1018750 193500
21 1212250 217750
22 1430000 243500
23 1673500 270750
24 1944250 299500
25 2243750 329750
26 2573500 361500
27 2935000 394750
28 3329750 429500
29 3759250 465750
30 4225000 503500
31 4728500 542750
32 5271250 583500
33 5854750 625750
34 6480500 669500
35 7150000 714750
36 7864750 761500
37 8626250 809750
38 9436000 859500
39 10295500 910750
40 11206250 963500
41 12169750 1017750
42 13187500 1073500
43 14261000 1130750
44 15391750 1189500
45 16581250 1249750
46 17831000 1311500
47 19142500 1374750
48 20517250 1439500
49 21956750 1505750
50 23462500 Max level

How to see XP Reputation to Next Level

Steps to see needed XP Reputation points to next level:

  • Village Information

    Example of Village Information

    Inside the game, you can see a stone plate in the most top left corner of the screen. It shows your current Level, and current XP points along with the blue XP bar.
  • If you click the stone plate, it will slowly fade up an XP Stats tablet that shows for 10 seconds before fading back out. It contains the following information:
    • XP Points to Next Level
    • My Reputation Level
    • XP Reputation points to Next Reputation
    • Friend Tokens (see Tiny Social)

Tips and Tricks

  • For Android : You can skip loading the Newsfeed tab in Tiny Social when receiving Tips. When you first load the game and see the Receive Tip Earned Jar, press the Jar but do not press the OK button. Instead, press the Back gadget button or press the little X to close the notification box. This can save time when you are in a low signal area.


  • Giving your TinyID at your Facebook Page seems to be a nice way to promote your village, especially if your village is notable.
  • Anyone reaching reputation level 50 will have spent (234,625 / 100 = 2,346 days, or 6.4 years) tipping 100 friends every day.

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