The Ghostly Five!

Part 1

48 hour promotion on five select ghost dinos.

Start: 4 October 2013
End: 6 October 2013

Modal theghostlyfive 1004@2x
Dino Cost
Ghost Sloth
Ghost giantsloth baby@2x
Buildings icon premium169
Ghost Turtle
Ghost turtlesaurus baby@2x
Buildings icon premium179
Ghost Triceratops
Ghost Triceratops baby@2x
Buildings icon premium149
Ghost Ingridia
Ghost ingridia baby@2x
Buildings icon premium279
Ghost Nemi
Ghost nemicolopterus baby@2x
Buildings icon premium299

Part 2

Promotion on five select ghost dinos.

Start: 11 October 2013
End: 14 October 2013

Modal theghostlyfive 1011@2x
Dino Cost
Ghost Cory
Ghost dinosaur corythosaurus thumbnail@2x
Buildings icon premium99
Ghost Meso
Ghost dinosaur mesohippus thumbnail@2x
Buildings icon premium169
Ghost Minmi
Ghost dinosaur minmi thumbnail@2x
Buildings icon premium199
Ghost Oviraptor
Ghost oviraptor baby@2x
Buildings icon premium119
Ghost Dragon

Ghostdragon baby@2x

Buildings icon premium359

Part 3

Promotion on four select ghost dinos.

Start: 15 October 2013
End: 21 October 2013

Modal theghostlyfive 1015@2x
Dino Cost
Ghost Two-Headed Dragon

Ghosttwoheadeddragon baby@2x

Buildings icon premium359
Ghost Shadow Dragon

Ghostshadowdragon baby@2x

Buildings icon premium359
Ghost Plump Dragon

Ghostplumpdragon baby@2x

Buildings icon premium359
Ghost Water Dragon

Ghostwaterdragon baby@2x

Buildings icon premium359


  • Although scheduled to end on 6 October at 6PDT, the first promotion lasted a day longer than advertised.
  • Even though the promotion had ended, the Ghost Turtle was still available for purchase via the Dino Den.
  • Part 3 of this promotion featured four ghost dinos, not five.
  • Although scheduled to end on 21 October at 6PDT, Part 3 lasted a day longer than advertised.

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