Fantastic Furnishing Pack

Its a booster pack included a Premium Furniture Store

  • Start = March 23, 2012
  • End = March 25, 2012 (already End)

Officially already ended

HUD icon furniture boosterpack@2x


HUD icon furniture boosterpack@2x Was $29.99 Now For $14.99 Only
Icons boosterpack crystal@2x Icons boosterpack furnitureShop@2x Icons boosterpack pond@2x Icons boosterpack garden@2x
Buildings icon premium 200 Premium Furniture Lake Garden

Related Stores

The Stores can be found previously before the Promotions

Store Costs Build Time House Slots Requires Max Notes XP Gain Item Name (Time/Resource/Coins/XP) Hurry Cost

Premium Furniture

Shops premium furniture thumbnail@2x

Buildings icon premium 129 20h +2 Level 14 ~ 10% more from Buildings icon lumber 8300
Bench 4m Buildings icon lumber 7 Buildings icon coins 40 227
Chair 48m Buildings icon lumber 19 Buildings icon coins 116 809
Drawers 6h Buildings icon lumber 55 Buildings icon coins 385 2695
Buildings icon premium 140

Related Decorations

The Decorations can be found previously before the Promotions

Size Tax Cost Requires Max Build XP Gain Hurry Cost


Decoration pond thumbnail@2x


Buildings icon coins 400 / 4h

+1 House Slot

Buildings icon coins 50000 Leader Rock (Level 3) and Level 15 ~ 1h 0 Buildings icon premium 3


Decoration garden thumbnail@2x


Buildings icon xp 2000 / 4h

+1 House Slot

Buildings icon premium 15 Level 15 5 8h 2000 Buildings icon premium 16


  1. Is it worthed the money with all the reward and bonus perk?

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