Discount on Giant and Crane Warehouses

This is a promotion to buy a Giant Warehouse or a Crane Warehouse and receive a partial rebate of the crystal cost. The rebate is 50% for the Giant Warehouse and 30% for the Crane Warehouse.


  • Start: 18 January 2013
  • End: Currently ongoing


Your village must be at least 70 x 70. If, due to glitches while expanding, your village ended up at 71 x71, you will not be eligible. You are only eligible if you have completed all expansions.

The promotion is not platform specific.


The promotions comes in a form of challenges

Requires Task / Reward / Notes
Maxed Out!
Goal icon theodore@2x
village size >= 70x70
1 Buy the Giant Warehouse

Buildings icon premium 160
Buildings icon xp 400

See summary below
Room For One More?
Goal icon theodore@2x
Complete Maxed Out!
1 Buy the Crane Warehouse

Buildings icon premium 129
Buildings icon xp 400

See summary below


Normal Price Rebate Net Price
Giant Warehouse Buildings icon premium 319 Buildings icon premium 160 Buildings icon premium 159
Crane Warehouse Buildings icon premium 429 Buildings icon premium 129 Buildings icon premium 300

Note:  The Crane warehouse offer is dependent on completion of the Giant warehouse.  In order to buy a Crane Warehouse at the discounted price, you will need to have bought the Giant warehouse first.


  • There are reports that simply bringing these warehouses out from inventory into your village will earn you the crystals.
  • Until 20 January 2013, only villages that were 70 x 70 exactly could participate in this promotion.

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