This is a cross-game promotion to a new game from TinyCo. Some information may be dissimilar due to platform constraints.

There is no crystal or XP bonus for Apple users for downloading Spellstorm.  This is due to restrictions placed by Apple on cross promotions.  However, Android users will receive a Buildings icon premium 10 reward.



On 1 March 2013, there was a worldwide launch of the Spellstorm game.

  • Start = 1 March 2013
  • End = 8 March 2013
Village modal spellstorm@2x

1 March 2012
Village modal spellstorm v2@2x

2 March 2012


On 30 March, 2013, the Spellstorm promotion was released to Android.

  • Start = 30 March 2013
  • End = 2 April 2013
Village modal spellstorm and@2x


Size Tax Buildings icon coins/day/sq Cost Requires Max Build XP Gain Hurry Cost
Mage Rupert
Decoration spellstormxpromo thumbnail@2x
2x2 Buildings icon coins 120 / 4h 180 Buildings icon premium 9 Level 5 ~ 5s Buildings icon xp 0 Buildings icon premium 1


  • Some villagers (iOS platform) reported that they didn't receive the reward for downloading the game. (Solved on 2 March; the ads no longer mention a crystal reward).


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