Special Spotlight Item

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Most Spotlight Items are offered for Buildings icon premium, either for full price or at a discount.

TinyCo decided to offer the Sky Dragon, previously only obtainable by winning it in Scorching Bingo or via fusion, for a cash amount.

The cash amount of US$19.99 is purported to be a discount of 33% to the "normal" price of US$29.99. As the Sky Dragon has a (nominal) price of Buildings icon premium 589, this implies Buildings icon premiums are being priced at $5.10 per 100.

This promotion is not really different to the usual offerings of Buildings icon coins and Buildings icon premium for cash, however, it is the first time TinyCo has offered anything other than Buildings icon coins  and Buildings icon premium for cash.


  • Start: 26 June 2013
  • End: 30 June 2013 , 6pm PDT
Spotlight item skydragon v2@2x

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