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Buy Coins - Get Crystals and Gifts

This is an In-App Purchase (IAP) promotion for players to purchase one of the packages of Buildings icon coins and receive some Buildings icon premium as a "reward". There are also other decorations being awarded as bonuses.


  • Start = October 4, 2012
  • End = On Going

Make sure the challenge exist to get reward.

Goals IAP 40free houseOfBricks@2x
Goals IAP 280free crystalBall@2x
Goals IAP 1000free firewagon@2x
Goals IAP 2000free v2@2x


Size Tax TDS Cost Requires Max Build XP Gain Hurry Cost
House of Bricks
Decoration houseofbricks thumbnail@2x
2x2 Buildings icon coins 155 / 6 h 155.00 Buildings icon premium 49 Level 5 ~ 3h 0 Buildings icon premium 3
Crystal Ball
Decoration magiccrystalball thumbnail@2x
2x2 Buildings icon coins 100 / 8 h 75 Buildings icon premium 69 Level 4 ~ 8h 0 Buildings icon premium 48
Fire Wagon
Decoration firewagon thumbnail@2x
3x3 Buildings icon coins 100 / 5h Buildings icon premium 79 Level 4 ~ 8h 0 Buildings icon premium 48


Requires Task / Reward / Notes

Buy a Bunch of Coins

Goals specialGoal v3@2x

Total Purchase = 0 and Level > 2
Buy a Bunch of Coins, get 40 Free Crystals (worth $5) and House of Bricks

Buildings icon premium 40

Cost: US$4.99


Buy a Pile of Coins

Goals specialGoal v3@2x

Has bought something and Level > 2
Buy a Pile of Coins, get 280 Free Crystals (worth $20) and a Crystal Ball

Buildings icon premium 280

Cost: US$19.99


Buy a Heap of Coins

Goals specialGoal v3@2x

Finish iap1006a
Buy a Heap of Coins, get 1000 Free Crystals (worth over $70!) and a Fire Wagon

Buildings icon premium 1000

Cost: US$49.99


Buy a Mountain of Coins

Goals specialGoal v3@2x

For iOS and Android (Amazon) and Finish iap1006b
Buy a Mountain of Coins, get 2000 Free Crystals (worth $120!)

Buildings icon premium 2000

Cost: US$99.99


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