September 2012

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Tiny Village Wikia Notice
  • Stop Social Gifting
We strongly recommend players not to send gifts to others. This is because many players are receiving a recurrent popup message every minute that they are unable to receive the gift as they have reached the daily maximum. See Social Gifts for details.

Major News (September 2012)
Ended (September 2012)
Hidden / Secret News (September 2012)
  • Go to Treasure Ship
  • Go to Pirate Warehouse
  • Go to Pirate Week Theme
  • Go to Crystal Mansion
  • Go to Android: Get Free Crystals with Tapjoy
  • Go to Bingo-Rama
  • Go to New Dino: Oviraptor
  • Go to Giant Turtle and Ancient Island
  • Go to Social Gifts
  • Go to Mystery Crate
  • Go to One of 8 Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Go to Love Stegosaurus and Lucky Mammoth are available
  • Go to Fan Favorite Sale
  • Go to Tropical Waterfall
  • Go to Wedding Week Theme
  • Go to Chef Rupert
  • Go to Pizza Shop
  • Go to Food Week Theme
  • Go to New Decoration : School Mascot
  • Go to New Premium Stores : School Supply Store
  • Go to Back To School Theme
  • Go to Labour Day Booster
  • Go to Holiday Mania

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