June 2012

This section was copy-pasted at July 1, 2012. to show snapshot on 30 June 2012.

Major News (June 2012)
Ended (June 2012)
Hidden Secret News (June 2012)
  • Go to Fireworks Shop
  • Go to Fireworks Festival Theme
  • Go to Tiny Village Facebook Likes Actions
  • Go to Summer Bingo
  • Go to Hotel Prehistoria
  • Go to Hotel Prehistoria
  • Go to Spinosaurus
  • Go to Version 1.12
  • Go to Dinosaur Fusion
  • Go to New Dino Trophy
  • Go to Winter is Coming
  • Go to Rascally Rhino
  • Go to One of 8 Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Go to Dino Sale 40%
  • Go to Crystal Sale
  • Go to House Of Mysteries
  • Go to A Golden Attraction
  • Go to Family Road Trip Theme
  • Go to Dino Pet Sale 40% Off
  • Go to Expansions 40 % Off
  • Go to Roller Coaster
  • Go to House of Mirrors
  • Go to Merry-Go-Round
  • Go to Amusement Park Theme
  • Go to Dino Bingo
  • Go to Crystals for Dino
  • Go to Summer Camp Theme

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