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This page will be dedicated for saving the last day snapshot of News on Main Page from each months for historical purpose only.
  • Major News is sorted by newest event or promotions or themes and any related events (These always comes with an Ad to be added in the Picture Gallery Slideshow). Sometimes the news have no deadline and always in this section until next month where it will reset this section.
  • Ended is the Major News that comes with a deadline and already ended. In the next month, this section will also be reset
  • Hidden News is almost the same with Major News but without any Ad or picture to related with. So these news considered hidden from the player. It can come with a deadline or a sudden end of anything related with the games (such as golden dino egg which usually a special reward from Bingo suddenly able to be purchase or suddenly gone from the shop or a new limit on a decoration)

List of 2013

List of 2012


  • Tiny Village game is released around November 2011
  • Tiny Village Wikia is started around January 2012
  • News section in Main Page is started at April 2012
  • View also calendar to see some of the events date using Google Calendar, you can also subscribe to the schedule