Magic Crystal Temple

Decorations magiccrystaltemple@2x
Cost Buildings icon coins 10,000,000 Buildings icon stone 20000
Buildings icon lumber 20000 Buildings icon wovenfur 20000
Size 5x5
Tax Buildings icon coins 50000 / 48h

Level 60 and completion of step 6 in the challenge The Plan.

Also requires Metropolis Rock (Magic Rock Level 11).

Build Time 48h
Max 1
XP Gain ~
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 48


The Decoration Magic Crystal Temple is indicated to be part of the Wonder Challenge, however it can be bought as the last step of The Plan challenge.

Economic Analysis

  • The earning per day per square is : Buildings icon coins 1000.00
  • It will take more than 400 days to get your money back, so this is a great way to spend unwanted coins (and show off to the world that money just doesn't matter to you!)
  • There is no Buildings icon premium reward despite the Crystal in the name of this decoration


  • This decoration was the most expensive decoration, at its introduction, that could be bought for Buildings icon coins

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