Magic Clocktower

Decoration magicclocktower fall@2x
Fall Version
(From 9 Nov 2012 to 21 Jan 2013)

Cost Buildings icon coins 3000 + Buildings icon stone 300 + Buildings icon wood 100
Size 2x2
Tax Buildings icon coins 250 / 8h
Requires Level 5
Build Time 12h
Max ~
XP Gain 0
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 7
Decoration magicclocktower summer@2x Summer version
Decoration magicclocktower spring@2x Spring version

Decoration magicclocktower winter@2x
Currently Active
Reactivated on Jan. 21, 2013

Winter version


This decoration changes its appearance with the seasons.

It is not always available in the store.

Economy Analysis

  • The maximum theoretical earnings per day per square is Buildings icon coins 187.5


  • This was first decoration that can change the way it looks in your village (also the Magic Storybook and Crystal Star changed their appearance in August 2012).

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