Tiny Village Wikia:Link Policy

Wikia Rules and Policy >> Editing Policies >> Link Policy

General Rules

  1. All submitted links must be related to Tiny Village
  2. All submitted links must work
  3. Do not submit the same link more than once
  4. Do not submit a link to any material that contains vulgar language or profanity, or contains inappropriate words, inappropriate sexual references/imagery or other vulgar statements/imagery or hacks or cheater
  5. Do not post external links on the info pages or in the comments of the info pages
  • The decision of the administrators to accept or reject any submitted link is final
  • Violation of these rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban from Tiny Village Wikia

Facebook Links

Tiny Village have an Official Facebook Fan Page, and each post have a permanent single post link. We can directly post that link into a Wikia Page.

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