Leader Rock (Level 3)

Magicidols idol3 thumbnail@2x
Announced with Unlocks Stoneweaver, Sculptor,
Sawmill and Furniture Store!
Size 9x9
Upgrade Cost Buildings icon coins 8000 Buildings icon rock 400 Buildings icon wood 400 Buildings icon food 400 Buildings icon fur 400
Requires Big Rock (Level 2)
Level 8
Build Time 12h
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 4600
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 40

Leader Rock (Level 3) unlocks

For any Magic Rock upgrading to the next level, the previous Magic Rock is needed.

Leader Rock (Level 3) is therefore needed before being able to upgrade to Town Rock (Level 4) on Level 16.

Name Type Additional
Resources stonecarver v3 thumbnail@2x Stone Carver Mill Level 8
Resources sawmill v3 thumbnail@2x Lumber Mill Mill Level 14
Shops sculptor v3 thumbnail@2x Sculpture Store Store Level 9
Shops furniture v3 thumbnail@2x Furniture Store Store Level 14
Decorations sandshrub thumbnail@2x Rock Shrub Decoration Level 10
Decoration stonehenge thumbnail@2x Stonehenge Decoration Level 10
Decoration mushroom thumbnail@2x Mushroom Cap Decoration Level 11
Decorations wackytree thumbnail@2x Wacky Tree Decoration Level 11
Decoration flag-red v2 thumbnail@2x Red Flag Decoration Level 12
Decoration crate v2 thumbnail@2x Crate Decoration Level 13
Decoration sundial thumbnail@2x Sundial Decoration Level 12
Decoration flag-blue v2 thumbnail@2x Blue Flag Decoration Level 14
Decoration pond thumbnail@2x Lake Decoration Level 15

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