Ui hud main 0003 inventoryButton@2x The inventory is the basket where a player can put in the decorations and stores that one can not or doesn't want to use. Inventory Storage Space has a maximum capacity of 1850 items.

How to find Inventory

Steps to access Inventory:

1. One can find Inventory by tapping on the Up Arrow at the bottom right of the screen.

Ui hud main 0001 menuButtonClose

2. A selection menu will appear and includes (starting from the Top):

  • Dino Album button (Collection icon - picture of red bag).
  • Tiny Social button (Tiny Social icon - picture of TS in a chat balloon).
  • Inventory button (Inventory icon - picture of basket).
  • Move Mode button (Move icon - picture of multi-direction arrow).
  • Down Arrow to close the menu.

Ui hud main 0004 collectionButton

Ui hud main 0005 socialButton
Ui hud main 0003 inventoryButton
Ui hud main 0002 decorateButton
Ui hud main 0000 menuButtonOpen

3. Tap on the Inventory button. The following selection screen will appear. It shows a Storage Space limit and three categories to make it easier to find your items in Inventory as they are not sorted in any way.

Inventory category screen

These items are:

How to Take Items Out

Items can be taken out of the inventory by opening the inventory (see above) and selecting the item concerned. The screen will go into the move modus and the item can be placed in the village again (provided there is enough room).

If the Item have multiple quantity, the move modus stays after placing the item, otherwise it will automatically back to game mode

How to Add Items In

Items can be added to the inventory by using the option to move items (stores, decorations etc.). and .

Steps to Add items

1. Open the Move Mode Ui hud main 0002 decorateButton
2. Select the item one wants to add to the inventory
3. Tap on the inventory icon (the basket) and item will be placed in the inventory/basket.

NOTES : Some items cannot be place in Inventory such as Magic Rock and Market

NOTES : Some items will give confirmation to proceed such as Stores, Resources, Houses, Habitats, Storage


  • Adding a store to the inventory while it is producing a recipe will stop the production (a warning to that effect is
    Recipe warning (inventory)
    given). When the store is nevertheless put in the inventory the resources used are lost. However this is a possibility to make the store available for another recipe than that it was producing. This for example when you need to produce something specific for a challenge. After the store has been put in the inventory, just place it back in the field and it will be ready for a new recipe.
  • Some Bingo prizes appear in the inventory rather than on screen when you win them. Apparently this applies to Dino(egg)s as well.
  • Some Challenge that request to build a Decoration or Store or any Buildings can not recognize that the items already build in the Village. To make the quest accept the already build items, just place in Inventory and place it again in the Village.
  • Max Inventory used to be 1000 items. It was raised to 1200 on 19 July 2012, by Tinyco, in responce to feedback from players (see Facebook post). It was raised again to 1500 on 13 December 2012 (Facebook post).  It was raised a third time to 1750 on 22 February 2013 (Facebook post).
  • Houses that have been upgraded will take up a different slot in your inventory than houses purchased at the same stage. example an upgraded Villa will take up a 2nd slot next to a Villa purchased as a Villa.
  • The game uses the term "storage" in two ways, first as a category of buildings to store Resources which are purchased from the Shop [hammer icon] but currently only one of these is named Storage, second as a type of space, the capacity to store buildings and decorations which is found in the Inventory [basket icon].

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