VillagerFriends@2x Edit

These characters have been named officially by TinyCo as an In-Game mascots.


Goals rupert celebrating@2x
One of the main characters in tiny village.
Decorations from the Fireworks Festival Theme on Rupert
Decoration paradeflagrupert thumbnail@2x
Decoration paradeballoonrupert thumbnail@2x
Decorations from the Amusement Park Theme on Rupert
Decoration rupertsfaceflowerpatch thumbnail@2x
Decorations from the Valentines Day Theme on Rupert
Decoration cupidrupert thumbnail@2x
Decorations from the Beach Week Theme on Rupert
Decoration touristrupert thumbnail@2x
Decorations from the Local Heroes Theme on Rupert
Decoration firefighterrupert thumbnail@2x
Decorations from the St Patrick's Theme on Rupert
Decoration leprechaunrupertstatue thumbnail@2x
Decorations from the Circus Theme on Rupert
Decoration clownrupertstatue thumbnail@2x
Other Decorations on Rupert
Decoration presidentialrupertstatue thumbnail@2x
Decoration waterfairy thumbnail@2x
Decoration airfairy thumbnail@2x


Goals regina celebrating@2x
Another main character from the game
Decorations from the Fireworks Festival Theme on Regina
Decoration paradeflagregina thumbnail@2x
Decoration paradeballoonregina thumbnail@2x
Decorations from the Easter Theme on Regina
Decoration chocolate regina thumbnail@2x
Decoration easterbunnyregina thumbnail@2x
Decorations from the Fairy Tales Theme on Regina
Decoration fairytaleregina thumbnail@2x
Decoration littleredridinghood thumbnail@2x
Decorations from the Basketball Event on Regina
Decoration basketballreginastatue thumbnail@2x
Decorations from the Earth Day Theme
Decoration gardenerregina thumbnail@2x


Goals theodore celebrating@2x
He is a salesman villager, and informs you of sales on coin or crystal prices.
Decorations from the Fireworks Festival Theme
Decoration paradeflagtheodore thumbnail@2x


Goals ozzie celebrating@2x
Ozzie is a new character, he is basically a villager that informs you about the dino-related things.
Decorations from the Fireworks Festival Theme
Decoration paradeflagozzie thumbnail@2x


Modals Betsy@2x
She is a villager that has come to stay at Rupert & Regina's Village. She currently live in the Hotel Prehistoria.
Decorations from the Fireworks Festival Theme
Decoration paradeflagbetsy thumbnail@2x


The bad tyrannosaur that chased Rupert and Regina.
Tiny Village introduction trailer (1)
Tiny Village introduction trailer
Some Decorations of the T-Rex
Decoration trexstatue thumbnail@2x
Decoration papermachetrex thumbnail@2x

Paper Mache T-Rex

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