Tooltip building supply "All Android users should test to see whether version 1.15.2 fixes this bug. If it does, can you please report in the comments below? Thanks in advance."
Tooltip building supply "TinyAshleyD has a possible working solution to this bug. If villagers try it, can they please report their findings? Thanks in advance."

To assist in seeing what is going on with the hauler bug, we need your village ID and platform (Android or iOS) and a little description of precisely when you have observed this bug to occur.

If you don't know how to edit in the wiki table, just add a comment and we'll add it in for you.

It would also be useful if you could post a screenshot of your village after the hauling has failed (e.g. after turning the game off overnight or if you only have 1 haluer when there are two workers and your storehouses get overloaded). Just post pix in a comment.

To upload a pic in a comment, click on the Add Photo icon and upload it from there (you may first need to transfer the pic from your device to your PC).

Thanks all. Let's get this bug squashed!

I'll add a few that I have observed.


Village ID Platform Description of problem
TinyZhao Android Not hauling all when game is off, random here and there seems to work (10% work). See here
Chrissy1980 Android Not hauling when game is off. See here
crewzinkate ? My haulers are not working when game is off and also my resources and advanced resources are not going up. See here
jesemily iOS Haulers don't haul when not in game. See here
tipmenot Android Haulers not working when game is off

Quintb iOS Haulers not working when game is off but resource collectors also intermittently not working. If I fire my haulers, no resources accumulate. Only since last update.

fetishdude Android Same as above. When i return after half a day, I see wood, stone and fur resources at 100/100 in each resource. The haulers aren't bringing them to the warehouse
shezza07 IOS Same as above. When i return after half a day, I see wood, stone and fur resources at 100/100 in each resource. The haulers aren't bringing them to the warehouse

Android Gingerbread on HTC MyTouch 4G

(first seen and support ticket lodged August 29)

It only affects my rocks and wood and only when the game is off. At first I fired every single worker I had for everything, even dino feeders, closed out, rebooted my phone, and rehired everyone.

That worked for a few days, then back to not collecting again.

It's important to note that up until 2 or 3 days ago I was still running 1.12.

I refused to update because that issue was negligible considering the problems I was reading about subsequent updates. This week I finally updated because I could not connect at all. I was just buying more rocks and wood if I needed them, but that doesn't work when you have to collect for a challenge. I finally managed to stay in the game long enough for things to collect to unlock the items this week.

Furthermore, I do NOT need additional haulers for my secondary resources like others have stated. Lumber, stone and woven fur are producing and hauling just fine with 2 workers and 1 hauler, whether the game is on or off.

Belcar2 iOS

After a day playing, I noticed that the Supply on most of my Advanced Resource buildings has dropped to zero (one or two of each were still with 70+ supply). All Advanced Resource buildings had 2 workers and 2 haulers. Having played at the same times today on my other iOS device (Belcar1), probably once or twice an hour, that one has had no supply problems. I'll add a comment with a before picture (this morning) and after (this afternoon, about 8 hours later).

(Later edit after one more hour): refilling my supplies, and force closing and restarting the game, and my Advanced Supplies appear to be working Ok for now.

(5 hours later) Now my Lumber mills & Cloth Weavers (stone seems fine for now) have stopped hauling collected resources.

Please also read comments in this thread and see screenshots here.

Zack4747 iOS When the game is off my haulers for seemingly random resources(secondary and primary) are not hauling resources. The haulers will work for one tree chopper and not another etc.
HeroVillage iOS When game is off haulers not hauling random resources.


Rackne75 iOS Haulers not working when game is off
paparo iOS Haulers not working when game is off
Gazzaplazza ioS See here
xaar iOS Lazy haulers - don't work when game is off. See here for detailed commentary.
Bre3zybree iOS Haulers not hauling for 2 weeks now
mweed Android Needing 2 haulers to haul from advanced resources. See detailed comments here and follow-up here
doodlesmum Android Haulers not hauling for last couple of weeks. See here
vegfriend Android The bug affects only a few haulers for me. Two or three fur haulers (amongst others the +10% resource), and a couple of wood and stone. No advanced resources affected.Of course I too need two haulers for the advanced resources, but I suspect that is not a bug.
wikilientje iOS Random hauling problem with wood, fur and rock. See here
muuuaaah iOS
paiko iOS Some resources collect, others won't. Fur is fine but others problematic. See here
pupplyno1 iOS On iOS 6. Mainly my Farm haulers and overnight they are on max and stop. Stone Carver, Lumber Mill & Cloth Weaver collect and intermittently supply as well. The other resources are a bit hit and miss - some problems but not continuous
nancy52ala iOS Hauling problem with wood, fur, rock and food.
mylanszoo iOS Running 1.15.1. Not hauling resources. Secondary resources worst hit. Tried firing and hiring. Didn't work. See here for details
tinyvillag18 iOS v1.15.1 Not hauling rocks
94popcorn iOS (iPod) Not hauling wood, fur or rocks. See here for details
TinyAshleyD iOS Same problems but has a possible working solution - see here for full details

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