HUD darlingcrystalbouquet@2x

Golden Crystal Bouquet

Decoration goldenrosebouquet@2x
Cost Buildings icon premium 299
Size 3x3

Buildings icon premium 2/ 11h
(Until 5 September 2014)

Requires Level 4
Build Time 8h
Max 4
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 0
Hurry Cost

Buildings icon premium10

Note: This decoration is animated.


The Golden Crystal Bouquet decoration was introduced on 5 February 2014. It was on sale until 11 February 2014.

Modal darlingcrystalbouquets@2x

Note : This timer counts down to September 5 2014 18:00:00 PST

Economic Analysis

  • Assuming Buildings icon premium2 collections a day, this crystal producer will generate Buildings icon premium840, minus the net Buildings icon premium299 cost, you will net Buildings icon premium541 per crystal producer purchased.


Shortly after its introduction, the following challenge appeared.

Requires Task / Reward / Notes

Crystal Father Time

Goal icon darlingcrystalbouquet@2x

Requires Level > 4

1 Build 1 Crystal Bouquet or Golden Crystal Bouquet

Buildings icon premium 23
Buildings icon xp 400

2 Build another Crystal Bouquet or Golden Crystal Bouquet Buildings icon premium 30

Buildings icon xp 400

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