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One of the most Frequently Asked Questions is how to obtain Buildings icon premium without actually purchasing them.

A regular way is to participate in the weekly Challenges (see for example Dino Week) that often (but not always!) have a Crystal reward. This page in particular aims to start up a description of a particular method of 'Getting Free Crystals' for Android Player.

DISCLAIMER: I have not gone into length for this topic already. So please contribute, correct and discuss.

Cross Selling from Tiny Village to other games

On Android devices a cross selling method is available (at some device?) that allows (some?) players to obtain Buildings icon premium by for example installing other (free) games or participate in on-line inquiries (in my view a risk for spam).


Some experience has been obtained (Fanoftinyvillage). The description below is based on this (limited) experience.

Step 1
First one taps on the 'Get Free Crystals' button
HUD android crystalBtn@2x
Step 2
The 'normal' sale of Buildings icon premium page appears, however with an additional 'Tap here to get free crystals' button. This button is tapped on.
Tap here to get free crystals
Step 3
In this step a new screen with the 'Cross selling items' appears. Please be aware that the page is in Dutch but it says at the top: Take the following steps to receive Crystals.

At the left side an icon is displayed followed by: Earn XX Crystals and an English language instruction what is expected.

Android NL cross selling 2012-05-20
Step 4
To obtain the Buildings icon premium the instructions of the 'Cross selling item' need to be followed (for example install a game and play).
Step 5
Upon return to Tiny Village the reward should have been added to your Buildings icon premium balance.

It looks very much like the Promotions Tiny Monster, but then without including it in the Scrollable goal list. The difference is that the games, on-line quizzes etc. are not TinyCo products.

Trivia on experience gained

  • So far I have been able to add some 50 Buildings icon premium for just installing some games (it takes some time but not much more).
  • I have been hesitant to participate in on line quizzes and inquiries as these ask for permission to send you mail.

User Talk

This topics has been discussed for example:

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