Frozen Fusion

Is THIS what you see in your Fusion Chamber?!?

We need everyone's help on this!!!

First of all, this is my first page EVER, so please forgive the simplicity. 'I'm no programmer!!

If you have dinos stuck in your fusion chamber since updating to 1.14 or 1.14.1, please copy and paste the following questionaire into the comments section below, fill in your info, and post it.

There are a few theories of what may be causing this frozen fusion, and we need to try to find a common denominator. The following questionaire covers all of our theories. There has to be SOME point of data that all of the frozen fusions share in common.

1) My frozen dinos are a [BLANK] and a [BLANK]

2) My frozen dinos WERE / WERE NOT eating when I began Fusion.

3) My frozen dinos WERE / WERE NOT the only dinos in their habitat when fusion began.

3b) My frozen dinos shared a habitat with the following dinos:

4) My frozen dinos WERE / WERE NOT living in the same habitat.

4b) My frozen dinos were in Habitat(s) [BLANK] and [BLANK].

5) I DID / DID NOT use crystals to hurry my fusion.

6) I DID / DID NOT use the 0 crystal hurry at the end of my fusion.

If your fusion is frozen, please help us help each other by trying to find the root of this "evil!" If we all work together, maybe this will get solved sooner than just waiting on TV programmers to find the problem.

Thank you! We will keep you updated as we investigate!

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