Friendship Decorations

A new decoration was introduced on September 14, 2012. This decoration is part of the Tiny Social activities and can be used to send Facebook / Email / SMS Invitation to play Tiny Village in order to promote the game. The building is related to the Post Office.

Modals Betsy@2x

This Building is special

  • Each village can only have one Friendship Decoration
  • Can be upgraded
  • Can send invitations to fellow friends in Facebook or by email or SMS

The decoration morphs as you upgrade it. You purchase the Friendship Carving, and then may upgrade it three times until you have a Friendship Monument.

Another Requirement is you must have at least Tiny Village Version 1.10.1

Name Size Tax Buildings icon coins/day/sq Cost Requires Max Build Time Hurry Cost
Friendship Carving
Decoration villagefriendsstatue lv1 thumbnail@2x
Buildings icon xp 200 Buildings icon coins 200 / 8h 16.67 Buildings icon coins 12000 Level 11 1 7h Buildings icon premium 14
Friendship Statue
Decoration villagefriendsstatue lv2 thumbnail@2x
Buildings icon xp 250 Buildings icon coins 250 / 8h 20.83 Buildings icon social 20 Level 11 and Friendship Carving 1 5h Buildings icon premium 10
Friendship Terrace
Decoration villagefriendsstatue lv3 thumbnail@2x
Buildings icon xp 325 Buildings icon coins 325 / 8h 27.08 Buildings icon social 25 Level 11 and Friendship Statue 1 5h Buildings icon premium 10
Friendship Monument
Decoration villagefriendsstatue lv4 thumbnail@2x
Buildings icon xp 425 Buildings icon coins 425 / 8h 35.42 Buildings icon social 30 Level 11 and Friendship Terrace 1 7h Buildings icon premium 14

How To Get Social Currency

Social Currency (Buildings icon social) can be earned by inviting your friends to play Tiny Village using Facebook or email or SMS. Currently your invited friends do not have to answer or download the game if they do not wish to. It is also earned when leveling up - see Level.

See also How To Get Social Currency

See also Steps to Invite using Tiny Social shortcut button

See also How to Spend Social Currency

for more information.


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