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Friend and Tip Request Policy

For some, being part of the Tiny Village Wikia community will involve making friends. Whether it be through talking in the chat room, helping each other with answering questions, collaborating on Wiki projects etc., users are bound to get to know each other.

An optional part of the Tiny Village game experience is for players to add other players to their "Friend" list. Some players want to add many friends to their friend list in the hopes of being gifted lots of tips for use in-game.

Unfortunately, some Wiki users have become a bit overzealous in their quest for finding friends and have spammed requests in comment sections, the chat room, anywhere that they could find on the Wiki to post their friend and gem requests. This obviously detracts from the main purpose of the Tiny Village Wiki and is unacceptable behavior.

To maintain the encyclopedic nature of the main Tiny Village Wiki articles, and keep discussions on-topic, a separate Tiny Social page has been created so that Wiki users have a convenient place for posting Friend and Social Gifts requests. The page is easily found under the "Community" tab of the navigation bar; just click on "Tiny Social".

The Tiny Social page is the ONLY acceptable place outside of a user's profile and personal pages for friend and tip requests to be posted

The best way to advertise your Tiny ID is to give some detail about your village or what makes you proud about your village and also participage in Tiny Village Official Facebook Fan Page in the usual "Add Me Monday Thread".

Any friend and tip requests posted outside of the designated areas will be deleted. If a user spams friend and tip requests, both outside of the designated Tiny Social page and on it, they will be subject to the rules governing spamming and may be subject to administrative action. Likewise, if a user ignores warnings issued by Tiny Village Wiki staff about posting friend and tip requests outside the designated areas, they too will be subject to administrative action.

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