This page will list all kinds of How-To's for playing the game and some summary quick information links to other related pages. TinyCo also has it own FAQ (last updated August 2, 2012) that you can also access from in-game by visiting Shop->Settings->Help.

For other questions not in this article, check the bottom of this page to see other related articles. We hope you can play Tiny Village with fun and as the TinyCo motto says "To have fun every 5 minutes"

  • "I bought something and didn't get it" - see Supports for money or IAP (In App Purchasing) related
  • I heard that something was on a Blog in this Wiki but I cannot find it using Search - you may see a list of our recent Blogs here or as a last resort try the alphabetical listing here.
  • There is a bug, problem, oddity or typo - see Bugs

General Popular

  1. How to get crystals? See:
  2. How to store decorations, buildings or workers? See Inventory
  3. How to sell decorations, buildings, dinos etc? See Sell
  4. How to interpret warnings? See Warnings


  1. See Tips for a number of handy hints about game play


  1. How to Sell a dino? See Dinos
  2. How to Move a dino See Dinos
  3. How to view a dino's growth status? See Dinos
  4. How to get a rare dino? See Dinos or Dino Den or Dino Fusion
  5. How to assign workers to dinos? See Dinos


  1. How to collect taxes? See Warnings or Decorations
  2. How to know how long I will get coins? See Decorations
  3. Why can't I buy more than 8 lamps (or other Decorations)? See Maximum number


See Expansions


See Houses


  1. How assign Worker or Hauler? see Resources


  1. How to get XP?
  2. How to get Coins?
  3. How to create recipe?
  4. How to stop creating a recipe that already in progress? see Inventory Trivia
  5. Why can't I buy more than one particular store (e.g. Gold Plating Store)? See Maximum number


  1. How to calculate capacity storage? see Storage Trivia

Post Office

  1. How to Invite to Facebook? see Post Office
  2. How to get Social Currency? see Post Office

Tiny Social

  1. I can not visit or tip my friend, see Cannot visit this player.


  1. How to Buy Resources? see Market
  2. How to Sell Resources? see Market
  3. Why everything is expensive? see Market
  4. Why only some resource can be traded? see Market or Resources

General Troubleshooting

Try this tip first. If that doesn't work, lodge a support ticket.

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