Football Field Habitat

Habitat premium footballfield@2x
Size 7 x 7
Cost Buildings icon premium199
Requires Level > 4
Build Time 8h
Room for 4
Max ~
Coins Capacity Buildings icon coins 2500
XP Gain Buildings icon xp1000
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium10

Note: The price shown above is the nominal price TinyCo charges for this habitat. The actual price to acquire this habitat is dependent on the number of turns it takes you to complete Thankful Bingo. This could be up to 25 turns at Buildings icon premium 49 each (less 1 free turn less any crystals you win along the way).


Modal thankfulbingo@2x

Introduced in Thankful Bingo (19 November 2013) together with Fall Turkeysaurus and Football House and can only be acquired by winning Super Bingo.


This habitat has no Biome data.


No dino has a preference for this habitat.


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