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"This page is under construction and redesign by many helping hammers, Archaeoptryx-eyes, abacus hitters and whistling villagers, not to mention the T-Rex who is stomping around!!"


Hello to all our members and guests.

We want to use this page as a place to list requested features and determine the importance of each requested feature. This may lend fuel to enable the developers to implement our requests.

How to Contribute

However, we don't want thousands of comments to wade through to find your request - just edit the page as you would normally, adding your requested feature to the table.

If you need to add a row, just click edit at the top of the page, click in the last cell of the table and press the tab key.

If your requested feature is already there, just add to the Counter column.

Of course, there's no problem in making comments about your requests, but having the requests listed in one, easy to read place will make things simpler.

Who knows? TinyCo's developers may even visit and implement some of them.


  • You can support as many suggestions as you like. You are not limited to voting for only one.
  • Please do not "double vote" on a single item. Be careful to increase the counter by one only.
  • Feel free to suggest anything. However, please be aware that making requests that are incompatible with TinyCo's goals are unlikely to be implemented.
  • Please do not suggest bug fixes. Log your bugs to be fixed on the bugs page.
  • If you don't know the category just leave it blank.


No Cate-


Request Description Counter
1 UI

Suppress crystal challenges and ensure weekly goals, Wonder Challenge and Phoenix Challenge are always visible or increase the number of slots available to 20 or unlimited.
Admin note: This may have been implemented already via a fix on 1 November 2012

2 UI, Market

Add a 10,000 or "Buy Max" button to the market so we are not forever tapping just to buy resources
Implemented in version 1.17!


3 TS Remove restriction on not being able to visit neighbours if they are on a higher version 19
4 TS Be able to block social gifters/tippers 16
5 Content More expansions 66
6 Feature Make a safe-deposit box for crystals to ensure they cannot be expended accidentally

  • Also be able to lock dinos so they're not accidentally fused
7 Content Larger storage (>2500) available for coin purchase


8 UI, Shop Easier way to buy high-end stores, decorations and dinos instead of having to swipe over and over to the end of a very long list. Same applies to friends list.

  • Maybe swipe the other way (left to right) to "rotate the list" immediately from the low-end stores/decos to high-end ones?
  • Alternatively, be able to see just those stores/decos/dinos starting with a selected letter.
  • Hide stores that are in inventory button
  • Another option - remember the position of last item purchased and next time open the list right at this position
  • Or maybe add a 'quick swipe' that scrolls rapidly


9 UI Related to #6 - Prevent unwanted expansions/dino purchases etc (recognising there's already a confirm button). So, maybe implement a "take-back". 32
10 UI Add commas to separate thousands and millions 45
11 Content Also related to #6 - Provide for "underground storage" that takes up no land space 14
12 Content Be able to sell adult dinos for a crystal reward on a permanent basis 51
13 UI Have a "collect all coins" button (without chain bonus as the trade-off)

  • Perhaps via tap-and-hold? (no more buttons cluttering the screen, please!)

Admin note: Partly implemented in version 1.16 by the Topsy minigame

14 Content, Fusion Enable tier 3 dinos to be fused into tier 4 dinos (After introducing new tier 4s). 24
15 UI, Fusion Add a cancel button for dino fusion. Should be able to cancel fusion at any time. 38
16 Content Bring back the permanent crystal producers.

Admin note: We can but hope!

17 Feature Related to #6. Have a "bank" where one can store crystals and gold. One would earn interest on what you have in the bank. Crystals would earn XP and gold would earn gold. 15
18 UI Be able to select multiple stores of the same type and then select same recipe for all. Alternatively, be able to select a recipe at once for all stores of the same kind. 28
19 Inventory Increase inventory from the current 1,200 items.

Admin Note:  Implemented on 13 December 2012
Further increased on 22 February 2013 to 1750!

20 Content Make it easier to earn crystals without buying them.

  • One idea might be to have the 15th and 16th magic rock (levels 75 and 80 presumably) reward villagers with a crystal every day or so?
  • Or buy crystals for 100,000 coins perhaps?
21 Content, Pet Add more pets that cost coins and make the crystal pets give crystals forever. 12
22 TS, UI Add a single "tip everybody back" button in Tiny Social 26
23 UI, Shop When buying, filter our inventoried items.

  • Tabs for Buy| Inventory | All
24 Dino Allow dinos to be placed into inventory, including eggs (also includes eggs from Fusion to allow them to be hatched later) 24
25 Dino, Pet Ability to specify some adult dinos as "pets". These dinos patrol the village just like Topsy and don't occupy any habitat. As a trade off, they do not produce any coins. 10
26 Pet Related to #13. Let Topsy wander around and collect coins for you.Admin note: Implemented in version 1.16 10
27 Content Add houses with more villagers

  • Upgrade from mansion to a larger residence maybe?
28 Feature Related to #24 - Add a "Hall of Champions" like Tiny Monsters for max level dinos that you want to archive? 3
29 TS In Tiny Social, go back to the "real" next when clicking next instead of the alpha it was changed to. I've had to go back to clicking home and scrolling through the friends list.

Also mark off who you've tipped already.
Admin note: Most of this has been implemented in version 1.16

30 UI Don't let the app connect to the server, i.e. that annoying pause, while a chain is in progress 6
31 Content Add another level of resources (purchased for coins), which produces significantly more resources per time period (say 10-50x). This may require more villagers. (See #27) 4
32 Content Add stores that consume fewer resourses and give more coins (2000 coins/100 resources) 2
33 UI Change the lack of resources "Take Me There!" button to open the Marketplace and not whatever resource you don't have enough of for that recipe. 26
34 Content Make storehouses upgradable to higher capacity ones of the same size (e.g. Crystal Storehouse to Ancient Storage, Giant Warehouse to Pirate Warehouse), with a lower price than buying new (overall total price may be higher than buying outright but it may be easier to purchase in steps). 29
35 UI, Dino Add a text field so we can type in a name for our dinos. Dinos deserve names too! 11
36 Feature Related to #5 - Be able to link villages (e.g. a second village you're working on on another device or a second island in a single village, like in Tiny Monsters where several islands can be linked or something like the Cubbies concept in Tiny Zoo 9
37 Feature Be able to link dino habitats so that dinos can roam freely between them. Be able to add decorations (e.g. trees) to habitats 6
38 Feature Develop app for Nook. Kindle isn't the only game in town. 2
39 Market Somewhat related to #7 and 34 - Allow users to store whatever configuration of resources they like in their storehouses. For example, a Pirate Warehouse holds a total of 700,000 resources - it should not be limited to 100,000 of each; rather we should be able to hold 700,000 stones (and nothing else), if we like. 15
40 Dino Related to 37. Instead of having a capacity for each Dino habitat, have a total capacity like storehouses.

  • Or make habitats upgradeable
  • Also make habitats of the same biome mergable.
41 Content, Pet Related to #21. Instead of pets that walk around the village, also have pets for houses that speed up working/hauling for workers living in that house. 2
42 Inventory Allow selling of items directly from inventory (in multiple lots if wanted). 36
43 TS Add post box since we have post office, so villagers could send letters (messages) to each other 17
44 Content Allow unoccupied villagers the ability to stroll around the village 10
45 UI Related to #30: Stop quests from completing while chaining 14
46 Content Have a crystal forge resource producer that converts 50000 stone, 50000 lumber, 50000 wovenfur, and 100000 food to 10 crystals. 14
47 Content Have some more higher cost/spiffy looking decorations that cost coins. 9
48 Market Enable the purchase of resources from the market if the relevant resource collector is in inventory 7
49 Challenge Related to #1, adding the option to forfeit/cancel a challenge, specially if it needs lots of crystals.Merged into #1 3
50 Challenge Cancelling all the challenges that require spending crystals (or at least the ones that gets you less crystal as award). I think it is meaningless to do them.

Merged into #1

51 Content Offer colored paths (other than sand and rock) on a permanent basis in order to better decorate our villages. 9
52 Feature Implement a statistics page with things like:

  • Highest XP per day/month etc
  • Best income day/week etc
  • Highest chain / and other chain stats
  • Produced unit stats by day/week/month
53 UI Turn off parts of fancy graphics (To use on slower phones) like smoke etc.

  • Option to disable all animations, for faster running game/more stability.
54 Feature Implement a technology tree:

  • Customizable building and unit upgrades
  • Buildings that never become obsolete at higher levels by upgrading
  • Get better at harvesting resources (more per hr and factory)
55 TS Someway to talk to friends
  • And later perhaps marry each other (Perhaps share a village)
  • Or be able to build on each others villages.

Merged into #43

56 Feature Create a Dino "Trading Den" that allows players to trade dinos (and resources) with neighbours.

  • Place tradable Dinos in "Trading Den" to show neighbours they are for trade.
  • Cannot trade just resources.
  • Add "Trade Request" notification to let user know a neighbor has made an offer.
  • Dinos can be traded 1 to 1, or 1 to many, with the option to include resources. Example: "I will give you two Stegos and 5,000 Stone for your Love Stegosaurus." except neighbor does not write their offer. Instead there will be a Dino and resource selector built in that shows all Dinos (not feeding) and all current resources.
  • Neighbor places offer (Dino(s) + Resources) in an "Exchange Den" where it stays there for a period of time (24 hours?) when either the offer is accepted or a counter offer is made.
  • If offer is accepted, exchange it made!
  • If counter offer is made, neighbor has the ability to edit their offer to match the counter, or sends a "no thank you" back where the offer is then canceled.
57 Fusion

Be able to put eggs from fusion into inventory to hatch later so that fusion can continue to be used. Merged into #24

58 Content Add a warning if you are about to put habitats with dinos into inventory.Seems this is already there. 2
59 TS, UI Move the delete buttons in Tiny Social away from the visit buttons to prevent accidental deletions. 4
60 TS, UI Be able to accept gift and gift back in the same menu. Having to search for the person in your friends list can be quite time consuming.Merged into #22 2
61 Resource, Content Upgradeable warehouse

  • Would have a base price (eg: 100 Buildings icon premium) and starting capacity (say 5,000)
  • Capacity can be upgraded limitlessly by using crystal (eg: 1 'Buildings icon premium' = 100 additional capacity)
62 TS Ability to see the crystals & coin collection quantity of other villages.

  • Also the 7 resources quantity
63 Feature Be able to turn stores, habitats, decorations through 180 / 270 degrees ( rather than just 90 degrees) to improve look of village 12
64 UI Be able to clear the village of offers so as to pick up coins 7
65 Feature In Move mode, allow the ability to group nearby decorations or buildings so we can move them together (or rotate, sell or inventory them together). 4
66 UI When clicking a decoration, show also:

  • a thumbnail picture of the decoration
  • the return (coins, xp and/or crystals)

not just a blank brown area with the progress bar timer for next tax.

{possibly the description as it's listed in the store, but having the progress bar instead of the cost}

67 Feature Weather system (snow, rain, sunny) or Day Night System

Admin note: Partially implemented already by season with Magic Clocktower

68 UI Make avatar icon on the top left the same as our avatar in Tiny Social, not just Rupert face 11
69 UI Make the goal icon picture in slider compatible with the timer shown because the timer is hard to read on the goal pictures that have no specific bar for timer. And we have to click the goal screen to view the progress timer. 3
70 Feature When reaching level 70, allow player to name his/her village across the top 3
71 Content When reaching level 70 get a free custom 'hall of fame' decoration 4
72 Feature Related to 67. Have a day/night system too where 1 day = 1 real hour. When it's night villagers stop working, When it's raining villagers carry umbrellas with them and puddles appear on the ground, When it's snowing snow appears on the ground. 1
73 Feature Upon reaching level 60, make village actually become under attack by the threatening extenal dino, gives more reality to all the preparations so far and adds more excitement and purpose in continuing the game at higher levels.The villagers could then use their fire engines, hospitals , own dinos etc with purpose. 2
74 UI Return zoom to that in version 1.15 so we can easily see and move around our villages again.[Restore the full zoom out mode]

Admin note:  Implemented in iOS version 1.16.1

75 Fusion After a successful fusion, be able to discard the result and retry the fusion (that would cost again coins)

To be used in case you already have that dino or wanted a dino of the other biome.

76 Content Increase the sell price from 10%. And if we bought something for Buildings icon premium, we ought to receive Buildings icon premium when selling 13
77 Feature Allow multiple crystal producers to be merged - e.g. 10 banks into a single vault to save space but producing the same output as 10 banks. 3
78 Feature Add more multifunction crystal producers such as crystal mansion 3
79 Feature Let us build on top of paths 4
80 UI Abbreviate large numbers with three significant digits and a unit of measure. This should be used for coins, crystals, and resources too. Units of measure could be K, M, B, T, and etc… A value such as 12345678 would be displayed as 12.3M, and 1234 would display as 1.23K. Let this new behavior be controlled by an option in settings.

Merged with #10

81 Market Have crystals in the market with default buy price $100,000 and default sell price $10,000

Merged with #20

82 Pet Related to 21: Add more minigames for Topsy and other pets if added; maybe a resource one? 1
83 Feature Bring back the red flash for chains and make them last longer 1
84 UI, Feature Within the shop/inventory window, include the item's footprint info as well. 3x3 7x7 and so forth. 8
85 UI Related to #74: Suppress auto zoom when selecting a dino in a habitat 5
86 TS Be able to gift crystals (perhaps as a Christmas special) 6
87 UI, Inventory Make inventory sortable by size, type, tax earned. 7
88 Habitat Have a 3/4 dino habitat that is purchased for coins and not crystals 4
89 Feature, Dino Have a special extra "mini village" that can only hold dino habitats and decorations and is accessed in the same way as the cubby patch in tiny zoo. 2
90 Habitat "Ghost habitats" permanently available to buy in the shop, as now we can obtain a good amount of ghost dinos (via fusion, random hatch). Could be the Spooky Swamps and/or the Ancient Tarpits, or a third one that would be permanent. 5
91 UI Village Reset or Game Restart; clears/deletes current village [or create new parallel village]. Also would be interesting to have a snapshot of previous villages on device. 2
92 Feature,content A way to send friends things you have in your inventory shops,dinos etc.+ being as some devices cant handle big villages maybe have a village extension which you can tap in the carner of the screen and loads another village which is part of your village as well though. 3
93 Ability to take a picture of complete village similiar to "Share My Zoo" feature in Tiny Zoo. 7
94 Feature Be able to temporarily put items out of the village in move mode and if you exit move mode they get put back where they were. 2
95 Content, Dino Add a tree decoration where you can store dino eggs that aren't being used yet in nests 4
96 Challenge Phoenix Volcanic Heart Challenge should not require reaching Level 68 to complete. Another Challenge (Phoenix Temple) starts then and this is inconsistent with previous challenges. Once started we should be able to finish the challenge at the same level.

Admin note: This is not a feature request but rather a request for a change in the terms of a goal.

97 Feature Have multiple soundtracks. If bold enough, maybe an ingame media player? How about offering an item like Radio for the village? Clicking it would open up a mini dashboard for music files, play list, shuffle, pause, next, etc.? 3
98 Dino Allow a fully fed dino to roll back the look of it to an earlier version, eg. adult back to toddler or

teen, while still earning full tax but no longer hungry so remains not subject to hunger icon...

99 Content If Crystal Producers are to be limited, make them limited in the number of crystals produced, not the days the crystals are produced for 9
100 Feature

Have a login system as opposed to tying a game to a device

(Problem: Accounts may be hacked into & disturbed)

101 For limited-time crystal producers (Crystal Mansion, Crystal Alchemy, etc), show how many days left of production. 5
102 Content Related to #20:Be able to buy crystals with social currency. this would be easier to make a ratio of sale rather than coins since higher players have millions upon millions of coins.Example 1 crystal for every 100 social currency 5
103 Dino a) Adding a whole new Biome of Dinosaurs, those that lived in the sea / water like ichtyosaurus, cryptoclidus, liopleurodon, hybodus, ...

b) Turn the ghost dino's into seperate Biome (ralted to #90)

104 Dino Be able to move dinos from one habitat to another, like the monsters in Tiny Monsters.

Admin Note:  Can already be done (by selecting info of selected dino)

105 Dino Be able to sell dinos individually, like the monsters in Tiny Monsters.

Admin note:  Can already be done (by selecting info of selected dino)

106 Dino Related to #14: Let's have some meat eating dinos. Maybe at Level 70 or so be able to get a T-Rex. 1
107 Except for the initial Rupert and Regina, be able to rename our villagers. 1
108 Except for the initial Rupert and Regina, be able to select the gender of villagers in newly purchased/erected houses 1
109 Dino Remove "dinner plate' icon on dino habitats - some of us don't want all adult dinos. 3
110 UI When placing multiple identical buildings from inventory, make it as easy as when placing the same decoration from inventory. i.e.: after placing a building, don't make the UI unnecessarily return to choosing whether i want to place something from all items, a building, or a decoration when i still have another 20 of the buildings in stock that i still want to place! just offset the footprint of the next available building, as when placing multiple identical decorations from inventory. 3
111 Pet

Ability to upgrade your pet so that it can collect more often

112 TS Ability to see the name of a particular item that is in the friend's village. This can easily lead to buying more interesting looking stuff for your own village. 2
113 Market Related to #31.Once it's possible to have these upgraded resource producers (say, 100 times the normal amount), then implement an economy type system where it becomes supply and demand. If a person buys a gazillion stone and doesn't put any back in, then stone should be more expensive for that person. If a person puts in as much as they take, then their price stays the same. Note1: This should only be implemented at level 50+ and should only apply to their own village. Otherwise, you get people who make second (third and fourth) villages that are only stone farms. Note2: This should help make it back to zero-sum, assuming the resource producers are there. Note3: I know that this will not be popular with a lot of people here who rely on the marketplace. 1
114 Dino Be able to imprint a Biome onto a habitat that doesn't have one, such as the Storybook. 1
115 UI Allow minimize of quest bar items, like that of the arrow tab that contains 'Collection' , 'Tiny Social', 'Inventory', and 'Move'.  Allows more room to collect and move items without accidentally hitting an a quest. 1
116 UI Include a 'decline' option to quests and remove them from quest bar. 1
117 UI

Move offers/notices, located on the far right side of screen.  Include an offer tab (minimizable) at the top of screen near the coin amount.

Related to #115 Allows more room to collect and move items without accidentally hitting an offer.  (some offers already expired but still exisitng on screen)

118 TS Include the option to visit or view other villages where the player is not online and without having to "friend" them 1
119 TS Include a "tap on" or "hover over" feature when visiting other villages. Many villagers have awfully cool stuff that I'd simply like to know wgat they are ... and dream about having ... 1
120 Feature

Related to Number 6:

Make a safe-deposit box for crystals to ensure they cannot be expended accidentally

  • Also be able to lock dinos so they're not accidentally fused

Add a switch (on/off check box) to each dion that will protect it from accidental fusion and sale

121 Content

Make crystals producers produce x amount of crystals during their lifetime. If you buy one and it says it'll give you 2x your investment then it should give you that and the only thing that would be variable is how fast you get the return. If you collect several times a day it'll give you your return faster then if you only do it once a day but either way in the end you would get the same amount of crystals


Category These are the categories that we have tried to group the suggested features. This is for easy grouping and convenience in structuring the requested features

  • UI = User Interface
  • Content = adding more content in-game virtual items
  • Feature = new function as feature for enhance game experience
  • Dino = related to Dino
  • Market = related to Market
  • TS = related to Tiny Social aspect
  • Pet = related to Pet
  • Fusion = related to Fusion aspect
  • Inventory = related to Inventory management
  • Resource = related to resourcing or Storage

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