Similar to the Best Sellers Theme introduced in August 2012 there are rare Decorations for sale. In additions the Storybook Cottage, Love Stegosaurus and Lucky Mammoth are included in the sale. The decorations however are not all the same.

  • Start = Sept 22, 2012
  • End = Sept 25, 2012
Modals fanFavoriteDinoSale@2x Modals fanFavoriteSale@2x


Size Tax Buildings icon coins/day/sq Cost Requires Max Build XP Gain Hurry Cost


Decoration rainbow thumbnail@2x

4x4 Buildings icon coins 825 / 8h Buildings icon premium 199 Level 4 ~ 12h 0 Buildings icon premium 36
Roller Coaster
Decoration rollercoaster thumbnail@2x
7x7 Buildings icon coins 450 / 6 h 36.73 Buildings icon premium 179 Level 4 ~ 12h ~ Buildings icon premium 72
Sand Castle
Decoration sandcastle thumbnail@2x
Buildings icon coins 475 / 6h 118.75 Buildings icon premium 179 Level 4 ~ 10h Buildings icon premium 20
Winter Garden
Decoration wintergarden thumbnail@2x
Buildings icon xp 250 Buildings icon coins 1000 / 8h 120.00 Buildings icon premium 99 Level 5 ~ 12h Buildings icon premium 6


Name Cost Biome

Love Stegosaurus

Lovestego baby@2x

Buildings icon premium 99 Forest Icon trait contextMenu forest tier1@2x

Lucky Mammoth

Stpatricksmammoth baby@2x

Buildings icon premium 109 Tundra Icon trait contextMenu tundra@2x


Players considering to purchase the Lucky Mammoth are advised to read the page Get The Dino You Want and consider fusing to get this dino. For example fusing two Parasaurolophus.


Villager Cost Taxes Build Requires XP Gain Hurry Cost

Storybook Cottage
Houses storybookcottage thumbnail@2x

3 Buildings icon premium 79 Buildings icon coins 135 / 6h 4h Level 5 Buildings icon xp1800 Buildings icon premium 4


  • No stores are included under the Fan Favorite Sale


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