Exotic Booster Pack

This is a promotion to buy 'booster packs' where villagers who buy a pack get a unique decoration or dino

  • Start = 10 July 2013
  • End = 16 July 2013, 6 PM PDT

with a challenge to collect them all.

Make sure the challenge exists to obtain the reward

HUD boosterpack purplebambiraptor adult@2x
Modals BoosterPack ExoticBoosterPack@2x
Featured boosterSummer purplebambiraptor baby@2x


Featured booster goldpack purplebambiraptor baby v2@2x Worth US$99.99, on offer for US$39.99
Icons boosterpack crystals v2@2x Icons boosterpack purplebambiraptor baby@2x Icons boosterpack calmingcloud@2x Icons boosterpack pinkunicornstatue@2x
Buildings icon premium 600 Purple Bambiraptor Calming Cloud Pink Unicorn
Featured booster silverpack brontornis baby v2@2x Worth US$ 29.99, on offer for US$14.99
Icons boosterpack crystals v2@2x BoosterPack icons brontornis baby@2x Icons boosterpack flowerfield@2x Icons boosterpack yellowunicornstatue@2x
Buildings icon premium 180 Brontornis Flower Field Habitat Golden Unicorn
Featured booster bronzepack dimetrondon baby v2@2x Worth US$11.99, on offer for US$5.99
Icons boosterpack crystals v2@2x Boosterpack dinosaur dimetrondon@2x Icons boosterpack volcanicVista@2x Icons boosterpack whiteunicornstatue@2x
Buildings icon premium 60 Dimetrodon Volcanic Vista White Unicorn

Check the amounts in your local currency

New dino

The Purple Bambiraptor was released via the gold booster pack.

Purple Bambiraptor
Purplebambiraptor baby@2x
Normal Cost Buildings icon premium 449
Biome Icon trait contextMenu air@2x Cloud

Rare decorations

Size Tax Cost Requires Max Build XP Gain Hurry Cost

Pink Unicorn

Decoration pinkunicornstatue thumbnail@2x

2x2 Buildings icon coins 400 / 4h Buildings icon premium 59 Level 4 5 8h 0 Buildings icon premium 8

Golden Unicorn

Decoration yellowunicornstatue@2x

2x2 Buildings icon coins 110 / 4h Buildings icon premium 49 Level 4 5 8h 0 Buildings icon premium 3

White Unicorn

Decoration whiteunicornstatue@2x

2x2 Buildings icon coins 220 / 4h Buildings icon premium 49 Level 4 5 8h 0 Buildings icon premium 6

Note: The cost is the normal cost and is not additional to the cost of the booster pack.


Requires ID / Task / Reward / Notes
Goals specialGoal v6@2x
Level > 4 and has purchased < US$100
bs1 1 Buy the Silver Pack Buildings icon premium 200
bs2 2 Buy the Gold Pack Buildings icon premium 400
Exotic Booster!
Goals specialGoal v6@2x
Level > 4 and has purchased > US$99
bs3 1 Buy the Gold Pack Buildings icon premium 400
bs4 2 Buy the Silver Pack and the Bronze Pack Buildings icon premium 230

Make sure the challenges exist to receive the reward


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