Modals xpBonusDay 430@2x


  • Start = 30 April 2013
  • End = 3 May 2013 (6 PM PDT)

Gain double XP from stores for a limited time.


The modal ad hints at something to come next week. Perhaps the long-awaited new levels?

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    • Really love it! Finally a way to go through the levels a bit faster to get on to the new challenges in higher levels. I call for a XPday tradition!
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    5 messages
    • I'm thinking new levels without any new content to go with it. Or maybe a Tiny Zoo-like approach of making old limited content permanen...
    • I put up some trees and put a bunch of stores back out. I had really enjoyed making to level 70. Been trying to fuse new Dinos. I will have mi...

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