Emerald Bug-droid

Decoration stonebugdroid@2x
Cost For free
Size 3x3
Tax Buildings icon coins 50 / 8h
Requires Level 2 (For Android Device only)
Build Time 5s
Max 1
XP Gain 0
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 8


  • Start = June 14, 2012
  • End = June 21, 2012

At the introduction of Version 1.12 (for iOS and Amazon), the Android users had a Collection Week. The Emerald Bug-droid was a free Decoration for Android players. There were also two Decorations: Sweetheart Garden and Magic Clocktower and a Store: Regina's Diner (Buildings icon premium 199) that were available. It's assumed that this special offer was limited for Android players because it took longer for Version 1.12 to become available for the Android platform.

Modals ancestralAndroid@2x

Economy Analysis


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