Crystal Waterfall

Decoration crystalwaterfall@2x
Cost Buildings icon premium 199 (net cost Buildings icon premium 179 after rebate)
Size 4x4

Buildings icon premium 1 / 7h (until 11 April 2013)
Buildings icon coins 585 / 7h (from 12 April 2013)

Requires Level 5
Build Time 12h
Max 3
XP Gain Buildings icon xp ~
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 12


The Decoration Crystal Waterfall is part of the Harvest Week Theme

Modals theCrystalWaterfall@2x

Note : This timer counts down to 21 March 2013 18:00:00 PST


Requires Task / Reward / Notes
Crystal Waterfall
Goals specialGoal v4@2x
Level 5
1 Build 1 Crystal Waterfall

Buildings icon premium 20
Buildings icon xp 550

Net Cost = Buildings icon premium 199 - 20 =

Buildings icon premium 179

2 Build another 2 Crystal Waterfalls

Buildings icon premium 50
Buildings icon xp 650

Net Cost = Buildings icon premium 398 - 50 =

Buildings icon premium 348

Economic Analysis

  • The earning per day per square is : Buildings icon premium 0.21 (assuming perfection collection every 7 hours, which is likely impossible)
  • The theoretical net profit, assuming 3 collections per day and a net investment of Buildings icon premium 179, is 101%. This is slightly lower than that of the Crystal Rose which was 111% (return of Buildings icon premium 240 on a net cost of Buildings icon premium 114).
  • However, on a per square basis, the Crystal Rose was superior as it takes up 9 squares compared to 16 for the Crystal Waterfall.
  • Crystal production from the crystal waterfall was due to expire on 21 March 2013 but didn't actually expire until 1 April 2013, a bonus period of 11 days, equivalent to Buildings icon premium 37.

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