Theodore says: "Items that generate crystals are the best! I can't decide which one is my favorite though! So how about you get one of each for the village? In return, I'll give you 50 FREE Crystals and the Pot O Gold decoration!"

Modals crystalComeback@2x
During Local Heroes Theme the Crystal Bank, Crystal Tree and Crystal Store had a comeback. The three items are accompanied by the challenge described below.

At the same time a Promotion of Buildings icon premium was announced.

Crystal Trio Challenge

Requires Task / Reward / Notes

Crystal Trio

Goal icon crystals@2x

Level 6
Challenge Thumbnail Text Costs
1 Decoration crystalbank thumbnail@2x Have a (1 or more) Crystal Bank Buildings icon premium 99 and 24h build time
2 Decorations crystaltree thumbnail@2x Have a (1 or more) Crystal Tree Buildings icon premium 249 and 24h build time
3 Shops magiccrystal@2x Have a (1 or more) Crystal Store Buildings icon premium 349 and 24h build time
Reward Thumbnail Text Tax collection
Decoration Decoration potogold thumbnail@2x Pot O'Gold 285 Buildings icon coins / 5h
Crystals Sticker crystals@2x 50 Buildings icon premium


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